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Last weekend I was working on my car when I realized that I needed a tool that I didn’t own so I called my buddy to borrow it. I called twice no answer so I figured I’d drive by see if he’s home otherwise go buy it. Well I pull up and his cars there front doors open I knock no answer. I figure he must be outback he has several acres and a garage workshop he works out of so I head back their.

As I approach the building I hear what I think is someone moaning but not sure exactly. His wife’s car is gone and I start to think he’s banging someone in there so I slow down and quietly walk up to a window and peak in. I can’t believe my eyes, my best friend I’ve known since I was 14 is letting his 8 year old daughter suck him off. I’m in shock and just quietly stare not sure what to do. He’s stuffing his cock in her mouth and she’s handling it like a pro I can’t believe this is happening. I realized after 2 minutes of watching my cock is so hard and I’m getting turned on yet feel repulsed at the same time.

My buddy is holding his daughters head hands on each ear and face fucking her. I can’t help myself, I take out my cock and start jerking it. After another minute my buddy shoots a load of cum into her mouth, it’s leaking out of her lips dripping down her chin. He then picks her up and places her on the workbench and peels her pants and panties off and starts to eat her tiny bald pussy. She moans and places her hands on his head as he eats her out. I can’t handle it anymore I’m about to explode.

Watching the two off them has been the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen. I cum with a force that I didn’t think possible. I almost fell over I got weak in my knees as I came. I stuffed my cock into my pants and started to walk away. I took 5 steps when his wife called out my name as she was walking into the backyard. My buddy heard her and must have stopped immediately. She asked where her hubby was and I yelled for him saying loudly hey your wife’s back I’ll call you later see you guys later. Well his secret and what was to be my secret was no more. He had to know I saw them and why I’d acted as if I was done visiting and left. I hop in my car drove straight home forgetting all about the tool.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it, my best friend molesting his 8 year old daughter. You could tell it wasn’t the first time either. I felt so confused I wanted to kill him but at the same time I wanted to have her suck my cock like she was sucking her daddy. I even stroked off twice reimagining it playing each scene over and over in my mind. I never looked at an 8 year old as a sexual object before never even thought or imagined it as a fantasy. Now I can’t stop getting hard because of it. I felt like a monster. I also had no idea what I would, should or could do next. I know he would be contacting me soon he had to know I saw them why would I have walked away saying goodbye otherwise.

After several hours I hear a knock on my front door, it’s him and he’s brought his daughter, does she know I saw them? I let them in and we go into the living room and sit. He looks very sheepish. She looks carefree, must not know I know. He starts out making small talk I go along then he says I guess you got quite an eyeful earlier didn’t you, what are you going to do. I look at him then her she’s looking right at me oh my god she must know I know. I tell him I don’t know I’m still in shock. He says he understands but that we go way back and his and his daughters life’s not to mention his wife’s lives would be ruined. I’m still silent. His little girl speaks up, please don’t tell I don’t mind it I like it a lot. I’m in shock again and my cock is showing it’s real feelings. I look at my buddy and tell him he should be ashamed of himself that’s she’s your own flesh and blood and so young. He looks embarrassed yet says look no one needs to know can’t we keep this between ourselves I’ll be ruined do you want to ruin me? His little girl goes please uncle ray don’t tell it’s ok I like it I really do I start it as much as daddy does. I love my daddy and you’ll get him taken away.

I was so lost I couldn’t let my bud ruin his little girls life yet she really seemed to expressing her own opinion. I asked how long this has been happening he says just recently started yet at the same time she says, when I had my 6th birthday party. Oh my god what a pervert and I had no idea but when I thought about it they were unusually close. I’m sitting there in disarray wondering what I should do when I feel a tiny hand rubbing my cock through my jeans. My cock grew so hard in seconds you could clearly see the outline of it. The little girl says look daddy he likes it too and look how big he is he’s so big I want to see it. I can feel my face flush as her dad says go ahead pull it out show her she wants to see it. I can’t believe this I want to do the right thing but my cock wants to get stuffed into her tight little mouth. Go ahead man it’s ok pull it out see what she can do. She starts going please please let me see it. Now I’m so hard it hurts I feel like the worlds biggest creep because now I know I’m going to fuck that horny little 8 year old pussy and mouth and I’m dying to do it. If you pull it out and let her play with it it will be our secret and no one can tell on anyone right. She getting all excited and is tugging at my zipper oh boy what the hell. I pull it out and her eyes about pop out of their sockets, daddy look how big it is it’s bigger than yours. I am well hung almost 7 inches and 5 inches thick. She grabs it with both hands and is tugging on it I just close my eyes and lay back next I feel her tiny tongue working up and down it’s shaft. God this feels good and it’s so nasty I can’t believe how low I’ve gone. I want to do her so badly now I feel so ashamed yet so dirty. She’s got her mouth around my head and is stuffing it into her tiny mouth. I can’t believe how good she is and only 8 years old. She’s got it in her mouth and is using her mouth like a pussy working up and down my cock faster and faster. My buddy has his cock out and is slowly stroking it saying I always wanted to see what she looked like sucking someone else’s cock is she’s sexy little slut. With that I shot a pint of cum down her throat and she swallowed it all. My god that was incredible what a perfect little cock sucker she is no wonder daddy is raping her. As I recovered her dad called her over and told her to show uncle ray what a nasty little cumslut you are come suck daddy. She has his cock deep in her throat and she’s rubbing her pussy with one hand I can’t believe this is happening. Her dad starts to face fuck her and my cock is up and ready to go again. I slowly stroke myself as I watch this tiny little slut do her thing. Her daddy dumps his load down her throat and she swallows it all. She stops and then pulls off her clothing and walks back over to me grabbing my cock and says, I want you to pick me up and hold me upside down so you can eat my pussy while I suck your cock. Please it’s ok I like it no I love it I want you to please. I’m dumbfounded but still rock hard so I pick her up she can’t weigh more than 50 lbs and spin her so her sweet little pussy is right in my face and I can feel her mouth opening over my rock hard cock. Her daddy’s getting hard again tells her to show uncle ray what daddy taught her. Her pussy is so sweet I tongue fuck her and she’s getting really wet while she’s basically allowing me to pump her up and down on my shaft face fucking her. She’s moaning through the sucking noises and her legs tighten up and around my neck as I power lick her tiny clit. Her dad is now jerking full stroke going isn’t she perfect my little fucktoy. Yes she is perfect I think as I dump another huge load into her tiny throat. As I finish up she starts to actually shake and cum she’s wrapping her arms around my waist to steady herself and is saying I’m coming I’m coming deeper deeper . My god what a perfect fucktoy. Her dad comes and lifts her away from me and sits back down with her in his arms. He then centers her over his cock and has her slowly slide her pussy down his shaft. She moans loudly as it slides all the way in her, she comes to a stop and daddy slowly lifts and back strokes his cock out of her then slides it into her again and again picking up speed with each stroke. Now I’ve got my cock in my hand stroking it back to life knowing that I get those tight little sloppy seconds as soon as he’s done. She’s biting her lip as daddy is now drilling her like a grown up she moaning and moaning tell her dad harder daddy harder faster faster don’t stop fuck me daddy fuck my little pussy.? They both explode at the same time and collapse into each other panting. I can’t believe I just shot another load so hard it’s stuck to the ceiling.

Now it’s my turn. I’m ready, I’m going to pump my cock into the tightest pussy I’ve ever had. Not one trace of hair on it completely bald. I take her to my dining room table and place her face up legs spread oozing her daddies cum. I stick a finger in and it so tight around my finger I can’t believe my cock will fit in there. Her dad is about 2/3 my size and it’s a tight fit for him but I’m going to fuck her no matter what. I’ve gone this far that little girls pussy is mine. I’m hard as a rock again. I walk between her spread little legs with one hand on my cock and one on her clit. She looks spacey and tired but tells me to fuck her hard like her daddy does. That’s all I need to hear. I rub my head between her lips getting her daddy’s cum on it so I can slide in her easier. She starts telling me how good it feels I start to apply pressure to my cock to penetrate her I can feel a tremendous amount of pressure it feels so good and warm and sticky. She’s rocking her little ass in and out as my cock penetrates her little by little. She tells me to put it in her don’t be scared fuck me fuck my little pussy you dirty old man. You know you like it don’t you so fuck me fuck me hard. I’m in 2, 3, 4, inches and when she says that I slam it all in and she moans as I can’t believe how tight a 8 year old pussy is god it feels so good. She’s rocking back and forth whispering deeper deeper, calling her dad to come bring his cock to her to stuff it in her mouth and he does. Two grown men one 8 year old slut. She’s taking two cocks at one time better than most 20 year olds. Her dad is really face fucking her hard she can barely breath but she’s still rocking my cock as I bang into her like a grown up slut. I cum so hard in her it fills her and overflows sliding down her sweet little thighs. Her dad cums in her throat seconds later and she does her best to swallow it all.

We are all exhausted now. Her daddy grabs her tells her how much he loves hims and how proud he is of her and her cock sucking fucking slut ways. We stumble into my bedroom to nap on the bed before showering and sending them home with my/our secret. I know I’m now a scumbag for taking advantage of an 8 year old but I think it’s worth it it’s the best nastiest perverted sex I’ve ever had and can’t wait to fuck her again, and again and again