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I got started with sex when i was about 10 years old. I used to be in the childrens choir at the church we attended. There was this girl that would sit behind me with one of her friends who were both a year younger than i was. She would lean up and whisper in my ear telling me how much she wanted to suck my dick and swallow my cum. That would get me hard as a rock and make it hard to stand up and sing. Anyways, after practice, all us kids would go outside and play hide and seek. This girl would get her friend to be the seeker and we would run and hide. There was this room on the back of the church that was supposed to be locked, but she found out one day that it wasnt and thats where we would hide. Her friend would take a long time to find everyone, giving us the time we needed to be alone. We went in the room and closed and locked the door and as soon as it was locked, she would be on her knees, pulling down my pants.. as soon as they hit the ground she would take my cock in her mouth and suck it like a vacuum, and she wouldnt stop until i had unloaded my cum right into her mouth, which she swallowed down with a smile. Wekept this up until i was old enough to get a motor cycle and i would drive it to her house, going on as many back roads as i could so i wouldnt get stopped by the cops. When i got old enough to get my drivers license, i would pick her up sometimes and drive to a nice out of the way spot so she could suck me some more. One day i went down on her and i am glad that i didnt let that experience keep me from wanting to eat other girls pussy. Dont know if she didnt was herself or if it was because she worked a lot in a chicken house, but her pussy sure did stink. and ashe knew it, because she would tell me that i didnt have to do that, but i didnt think iot was right for her to blow me an me not return the favor.