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when i was young our family moved to a house way out in the country. there were 7 of us, mom,dad, 4 boys and 1 girl. two of us boys shared a bed with a brother and our sister got a room to herself. She used to tell our parents that she was afraid to sleep in her room by herself and would ask if i could sleep with her. it was always me and never any of our other brothers. anyways, after everyone went to bed, she wouldpull the covers up over our heads and say "doctor time", then we would spend hours examining each other. i would have to take her temperature by sticking my finger in her cunt then i would have to smell and lick it to make sure she wasnt sick. later it had to be done anally, and she would flip over, raise that cute littla ass in the air and say, go ahead doc, i'm ready and i would stick my finger in her ass, good and deep and she would wiggle that ass around and start to count. she said i had to keep my finger in there for at least 10 seconds or it wouldnt work. i would sometimes let her get to about 8 or 9 and pull it out and she would say, now doctor, you know that didnt stay in there long enough, you will have to do it again. when i would wait until 10, she would say, now smell it to see if i am sick then lick it to tell my temperature. i would take a good whiff then stick my whole finger in my mouth. when i pulled it out, i would say, it says 1000 degrees patient, i think i need to do it again. sometimes she would say, well it must be done right so we better start all over again. So back in her cunt and out with a good whiff and lick then back in the butt for another. sometimes her temp would go up and sometimes down, depending on how long we had been doing it. we also tested other things as well, pinching and licking nipples, me on hers and she on mine. when we figured out if she was sick or not, it would be my time. she would take my dick in her mouth, while i counted to 10. sometimes i would get to 10 sometimes only to 5 or so, then she would giggle and start over. then it would be my time and she would stick her finger in my ass. this went on for a few uears until mom and dad said we were too old to be sleeping together and that she shouldnt be scared anymore. i mean really, she was in high school by that time.

Maybe that is where i get my LOVE for nipples andthe smell and taste of pussy and ass!