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My boyfriend Terry and I live together. We work a few blocks apart so we drive to work together. Our sex life was pretty vanilla for the first few months. Then one day he proposed a game. When he picked me up from work we would pick from a deck of cards. Whoever was low card had to be the sex slave of the other for the evening. The loser had to drive home as well. That was pretty fun. Mostly just giving instructions for the other, then one night he won and I had to drive home. He proposed a new rule. The winner had to announce what he or she was going to do to the slave.

Mostly it was things like masturbating the loser on the 20 minute drive home. I nearly crashed the first time with his fingers in my pussy as I drove home. That was even a bit more fun, knowing what was going to happen after we got home. Then he escalated it and one night said he was going to tie my hands behind my back and fuck me as hard as he could with me on my knees and his hands playing with my ass. He was also to blindfold me. I was a little nervous but excited at the same time. I came hard that night. Same thing the next night so I started to think how I could get him back. On Friday night that week I won.

I was silent most of the way home and I think I had him a little worried. Then I turned to him and said "Tonight I'm going to tie your hands behind you, blindfold you, put you on your knees and fuck your ass with the strap-on you're going to buy." I made him pull into the adult book store a few blocks from home and made him go in and buy a medium size strap-on. I didn't think he could take a large on in his ass. When he got back to the car and started home I told him I had a special surprise for him as well. He seemed a little scared but I reminded him of the rules he made up. We went into the house and I told him he had to make me dinner naked. He was okay with that and made a couple of burgers for us. After dinner I told him to drink a whole bottle of wine. When he started to question me I told him that the drunker he got the deeper I could fuck him. He proceeded to get hammered. It took about an hour but he downed the whole bottle. I told him to go take a shower and make sure he washed his asshole out really well.

He came into the bedroom a little later and I tied his hands. Then I put the blindfold on him. To further humiliate him I marched him to the living room and put him on his knees in front of the front door and opened it so anyone looking in could see us. I told him that the world was going to see him suck my cock. I stepped in front of him and put the dildo up to his lips and told him to start sucking. I'm sure that if I had a real dick it would have gotten hard right away. After a few minutes I pulled out of his mouth and told him to get his face on the floor. I poured some olive oil down his ass crack and worked a finger into his asshole. I don't know if he'd ever done this but I think he enjoyed it as much as I did. Then I worked a second finger in and finger fucked him for a couple of minutes. He said it hurt but after a minute or so he started to push back and I think was enjoying it.

I felt under him and his cock was hard. "What a little faggot" I said as I pulled my fingers out and scooted up behind him. "Tell me you want me to fuck you hard and deep." When he didn't say it I slapped his ass as hard as I could. He finally said it. We were right by the open door when I put that rubber cock up to his asshole and shoved it in. He kept yelling for me to stop. I'm sure anybody passing by could hear him but I just worked it in until I was buried to the hilt. I stayed still until his asshole finally relaxed then I started to fuck him. Not being a real cock I could fuck him as long as I wanted. I fucked him until I couldn't do it anymore. He yelled, he cried but in the end he was moaning and thrusting back each time I thrust forward. About the time I was worn out I reached around and grabbed his cock. That was all it took and he started to cum. I knew right then that I could get him to suck and fuck a real cock.

I had to admit to him that night that it was an experiment to see if he would be willing to start swinging. I told him that I loved pussy and now knew he liked cock. After we talked a bit he admitted that it was great being ass fucked and was willing to try. We've been married for four years now and nearly every weekend we meet one of a few couples for sex. He loves having a big cock in his ass. He likes sucking the smaller cocks but whether small or large he sure loves that cum. Almost as much as me.