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I have a friend who owned this beautiful white, large dog. Ever since she got the dog I had been infatuated with its ass. I wanted to sniff and lick it, but figured I would never have the chance. I want to stress that I never had any intentions of doing anything else sexual with her.

Then, she was going out of town for a week, and asked me to comw over a few times a day to take care of her animals. She had 3 large dogs, the white female that I was obsessed with, 2 large black male dogs, that didnt interest me at all, cats and fish.

The first day I was timid, as she ate I sat behind her, lifting her tail if she didn't on her own, and was just admiring her. The second day I got braver and actually moved in and touched my nose to her anus, and it smelled so good, that's all I did was keep sniffing it. I considered licking it then, but couldnt quite bring myself to do it. As much as I wanted to, it still seemed wrong.

The next day I was there, she always stood with her tail up, either inviting me, or teasing me. I sniffed her again, and was so turned on I went ahead and went for it. I locked her ass, and it was wonderful. I came in my shorts without ant stimulation down there. I kept licking, and she just stood there letting me. After about a minute I felt guilty and stopped.

The rest of the days were pretty much the same, most were mainly sniffing, but there was some licking each time too. I dont really remember the taste, just that I loved it, and that it wpuld get me off. I do however remember her wonderful smell. The only difference was one of the last times I was there. I started out pressing my nose against her anus (as usual) but this time right after I put my nose in there ahe farted right on my nose. It smelled so good. Normally dog farts are horrible, but this one right on mt nose smelled good, and I came so hard.

Maybe it was just because I was so infatuated with her that I liked it, i don't know. I will say it began to smell worse as it dissipated, so it seemed the trick would be to take it right on the nose, and smell ir sttaight from the source.

I'm sorry if anyone expected more from this story, but as I said at the beginning, I would never do anything else sexual with a dog, all I wanted to do was sniff and lick her anus.