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I’m an 18-year-old female who had always been close to my grandmother. We live about an hour away from each other, and even though I’m a busy college student now, I still see her once or twice a month for lunch. We were even closer when I was a little kid, and my parents would sometimes drop me off at her apartment for the weekend to spend time with her. That was all fine and good when I was 10, but in the summer that I was either 14 or 15, I was in that embarrassing hormonal stage where I couldn’t stop touching myself. I would set aside basically every spare moment I had to rub my pussy, and a weekend that was supposed to be dedicated to my clit was now being spent in the confines of my grandma’s small apartment. But instead of just exercising some self-control, my horny tween brain decided to turn this into a game of how long and how often I could sneak away to touch myself. I'd excuse myself to go to the bathroom when we were chatting on the couch or having dinner at a restaurant a little too frequently, and furiously rub my cunt in a bathroom stall or leaning against her sink for a long as I could before I thought she'd get suspicious. While a good way to pass the time, it was also incredibly frustrating. My pussy was drenched pretty much constantly, and I never had enough time to properly finish myself off. The only time I could have let myself cum was at night, but since I was sleeping on the couch right outside her bedroom door, I deemed it too risky.

Still, I got incredibly desperate in my first two days there. Even writing about it now is getting me wet, thinking about how horny and delirious I was. I’m surprised my grandma didn’t grow concerned, but she’s always been a sweet, naïve woman. I had resorted to squeezing my thighs together in the car when we drove somewhere, and straddling the arms of the couch when we sat to talk instead of sitting properly so I could have some pressure on my cunt. I had even stopped wearing panties under my shorts; I told myself it was so I wouldn’t stain them with my pussy juice, but it was also a part of the delicious teasing I was doing to myself.

By late Saturday night, however, I knew that I couldn’t keep going without release. I had never been aroused so consistently for so long, and the effects were starting to show. I was getting irritable and was constantly zoning out, distracted by the wetness of my pussy. I couldn’t walk without feeling my wet inner thighs rubbing together, and at one point when I snuck away to the bathroom, I found that I was so wet, the slick had spread to my outer lips and mound, making my athletic shorts briefly stick to my skin when I tried to take them off. Worst of all, I couldn’t sleep. My aching pussy was keeping me awake well into the night, and while I grew desperate enough to slowly run my fingers up and down my slit, I couldn’t get myself to orgasm that way. But late Saturday night, or early Sunday morning, I decided that I had finally had enough and that I needed to let myself cum. I ran to the bathroom – which still shared a wall with my grandma’s bedroom, but my horny brain reasoned that it was better than touching myself right outside her door – sat myself down on the tile and went to town on my clit. I rubbed myself so fast and for so long, my hand was drenched and I had left I faint imprint on the tile where I sat out of my sweat and slickness, but for reasons I’m still not sure of, I still couldn’t make myself cum. I think I was still too tense and frustrated at that point to really let myself go, but I also felt like my fingers just weren’t doing it for me. What I really wished I had at that point was some kind of vibrator. I had an electric toothbrush back when I was 13 that I used just about every day, but it got waterlogged one night after I tried to shower with it and stopped working, and I needed something like it more than ever now.

Here’s the part where I did something I’m not proud of - I started rummaging through the cabinets of my grandma’s bathroom, looking for anything that could make me cum. I was expecting some kind of motorized face washing brush, or one of those handheld massagers with hardly any buzz to them. I would have even accepted a bottle of lotion with a hard edge that I could grind against, but I struck gold that night and found an electric toothbrush in the medicine cabinet. It was one of those types that had a charger instead of taking batteries, and you could even fill the side of it with water which would squirt out of the brush.

Let me state the obvious: it was most likely my grandma’s toothbrush, and I wasn’t so far gone at the time to realize this. But the promise of harsh vibrations against my needy clit giving me exactly what I had craved for those past two days, giving my pussy what it had missed since I was 13, was a temptation that was way too strong to resist. I don’t think I had even properly sat back down on the bathroom floor before I jammed the brush’s head against my clit and turned it on. I always read about people’s vision going white when they cum too hard, but I hadn’t experienced it myself until then. I swear I came the moment the brush made contact, and I spent a good chunk of that night lying on the tile, biting a spare towel to hold my moans in, and rubbing the brush up and down my lips, pressing it down against my hole, and blasting water from the brush on to my clit. I don’t remember how many times I came that night, but all I could think about was what a whore I was, using my granny’s toothbrush to make my slutty pussy cum, how I couldn’t wait another second to touch myself and had to do it right here, in the middle of the night in my granny’s bathroom.

If my grandma ever found out, she never said anything or gave an impression that she was suspicious. As awful as this was to do my poor granny, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Even though I have a vibrating wand now, I still think about this story when I use it. It gets my little virgin cunt drenched every time. I wish I could relive that moment, feel the cold tile on my back and my hot pussy squirting and cumming against my granny’s toothbrush...It’s made me horny even as I’ve typed this. I hope you liked it as much as I will when I touch my needy cunt after submitting this.