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My wife is a knockout. One night in bed she asked me to share one of my fantasies with her. I told her I would love to have her flash a couple of truckers. She laughed and said she would think about it. A few weeks later We were on the interstate about three hours from home and she asked if I really wanted her to flash. I said yes please!

She took off her bra and waited until we were next to a trucker. She slowly lifted her shirt and gave the trucker a show for the next couple minutes. I was so horny and pleased that she cared enough to fulfill one of my fantasies. We pull up to another trucker and she takes off her shirt completely and jiggles benefits and plays with her nipples. I am shocked she is so open about flashing.

She eventually volunteers to take off all her clothes. She puts her seat back and begins playing with herself while next to another trucker. She has an orgasm in front of another man. I am beyond turned on. I ask her to show him her ass so she lays on her stomach so he can see her beautiful buns. I ask her for one more favor, will you show him your asshole?

Deborah changes her position and starts giving me a blowjob. About the time I am ready to explode I take my right hand and spread her ass cheeks for the trucker to get a full view. I cum in her mouth and she turns to the trucker and opens her mouth showing my completion. A little bit drops on her chest and she licks it off.

I have masturbated many times to this memory. I can't remember anything more exciting then this ride home.