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I tasted and fell in love with a 6 year old's pussy...but wait, I was five when she seduced me.

The best 1 1/2 summers ever.

We built a "fort" in a loft of hay bales in case anyone should come in to the barn even though only her grandma, who could barely walk, was the only one home on workdays.

We also sneaked up the stairs to her bedroom many times so we could strip and fuck without getting stuck by the dry hay stalks.

The fun ended during the second summer on a weekend with all parents were home horny, we used a "foxhole" dug by her older brothers in the large field between our two homes.

My mom and dad were putting in a garden and she saw my naked ass sticking up and screamed me home.

They asked our family doctor what they should do and he told them to just ensure we should only let us play together where we could be seen all the time and recommended my folks to buy a series of 10 booklets about anatomy and sex, put them in with other books and let me find them.

They were illustrated with line drawings and detailed text covering every aspect of human sexuality.

By the time I was seven, I learned more about our human birthright than most adults knew and fantasized with the drawings while I masturbated.

I also learned that my peers didn't like being corrected when they made errors in their "knowledge" of sex and genital anatomy.