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We were traveling out of state going to visit some realitives. The drive was long and we decided to stop about half way and get a fresh start in the morning. I had a cooler of drinks and we started drinking fairly aggressively. Soon we were both feeling no pain and in no condition to drive. We decided to order a pizza so we could stay in our room.

As soon as I ordered my wife went in the bathroom. She came out wearing a towel. She told me I had always fantasized about the pizza delivery where the woman "accidentally" drops her towel. If I wanted she would fulfil that desire tonight. How could I say no?

We set up the room and arrange so that she would have to walk over to me to get the payment extending the exposure time. I was hoping that the driver would be a male and young. He was male but probably in his early 30's.

My wife invited him in and started talking to him. He didn't seem in a hurry so she continued to chat for a few minutes. Eventually it was time to pay. Instead of dropping her towel she tells him this was one of my fantasies and actually asks for permission to get rid of her towel. He had no problem with it. She slowly lowers her towel exposing her tits and eventually her pussy. She steps a few feet away from him and slowly turns around showing off her remarkable ass.

She then grabs my phone and asks our delivery man to kindly take a picture or two. She walks over and sits on my lap. I caress her breast and reach down to feel her pussy. It is extremely wet. I part her legs and ask for a close up. We pay our pizza man giving him a twenty dollar tip. My naked wife walks over and gives him a long hug.

What a nice way to start our vacation!