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I remained abstinent 2003 till 2014 when I started remembering the feeling of being frot sexed. So I talked it over with this 68 year old therapist I was seeing. I remember him asking me about my sex life when I first started with him in 2008. He said it was normal to remember past sex experiences. After that I went home and placed an ad on Craigslist.

Three guys knew what it was and I had sex with them. Then I told my therapist when I went in to see him. I told him all my sexual past which began at age 4 with my great-grandpa rubbing his cock against my dick. He asked if I still had the names and phone numbers of the 3 Craigslist guys and I gave it to him plus I also showed him the pics of my ass with the day and time written on my buns to verify to him.

I normally see him on Wednesday but he called me and wanted to see me on Friday and that’s the day the office is closed. So I came in and it was just us two. He asked me if it was okay for him to do the same to me and I said yes. So he had me undress and lay on the floor and he gave a pillow to me. He then dropped his pants and frot sexed me. It took an hour with breaks. After we were done he written the day and time we did it on my left butt cheek and the next appointment on the other one. Then he called for a cab for me since I rode the bus over. For the next year that’s what we did. One day it was talk and the next it was sex.