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Due to spinal issues, I have ED - meds don’t work well. I went the Men’s clinic and a test was done. A nice looking nurse practitioner doing the test. Injection to try get an erection for a blood flow. It’s a needle into your penis. I didn’t get erect by enough for the test. When I got home my wife is asking a lot questions about it. I went into bathroom, dropped my pants and jerked off a pretty hard cock. It felt so good and I was fantasizing about the nurse.

The following week I had to return to learn how to inject myself with the same nurse. She explained everything and then I pull down my pants, do the cleaning routine. She said pull the head, stretch it out and inject in a certain area. I do it and she says, pants up and I’ll be back in 10 minutes. It seemed like 30 minutes but it was on 10 minutes.

During the 10 minutes, I was thinking of nothing but sex, tits, pussy, -anything to see if I good get a good erection. It was like I want the nurse to see it hard. She asks me to rate my erection, geeze,,I am thinking like a 2 maybe barely a 3 and she agrees. Okay off you go we will go the pharmacy.

I am driving back to work holding my cock as I drive as I felt good to a little hard and getting harder. I finally pulled off to area when I could see anyone coming in this half empty strip plaza. Parking lot is deserted. I park but leave the engine running, unzipped my jeans, and jerked off, I unloaded cum in minutes. I was not looking to seen or perv but I just needed to cum.

When I got home I went on omgele and jerked off with some female late 20’s thinking about my cock which was hard and I came while watching her finger her hairy pussy which I love.