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I was a twin and the only girl with five brothers. Three older one younger and one my age..

momma and daddy gave me my own room when I was 7 , it was a bigger closet. I always bathed or showered with the boys and the bathroom door was never closed as it a pass through room for a stupid reason . My brothers were protective and I stayed innocent and untouched. Mom divorced and left and we moved rural and by a YMCA. Back then it was boys only and I agreed to pretend to be a long haired boy. I spent time top less and got tan . No one but my family knew. I still had to squat to pee. Thank goodness for stall doors. I found a small sponge toy and sewed it to my panty to look boyish in my swim trunks. My twin made a small funnel of soft rubber I could under my crotch and I learned to pee in a Urinal. It took a week and three try’s to make one small enough to pocket and big enough to enclose me and not make me wet my self. I was so proud I invited my brothers to watch. They all had tips to make it discrete. I joined the Boy Scouts and boys teams as late as 11. I wen’t to the boys rooms at events. Almost disaster This girl was mad at me and kneed me in the balls ( I didn’t have) three times trying to take me down. My brother , younger brother separated us and she kicked his balls and he was down . The lifeguard saw it all and suspended her for the year . My brother cried and cried. See if I’m OK he said. So in the locker room I played doctor. His left ball was getting big so I rang dad. I held an Ice bag on him and he spent three days in the hospital. When he was there I slept with my twin. My brother asked me when I was going to be a girl and grow boobies and stuff. You can feel me up I think it’s starting. Doesn’t feel any different than mine he said. We snuggled and slept. The next day I walked through the house naked after my shower. Sis the boys complained. They closed the curtains . We have a neighbor even if he is half blind. Do I look like a girl I asked? A flat chested tan very cute boy missing a Weiner . I wanna B a girl . Why no hips , why no tits. My oldest rother said you have such small nipples too. My twin came over saying stop me and I will quit. He ran his hand down and slipped a finger in me . Rubbing gently. Feel like a girl now . In a few minutes I was feeling it . Yep I feel like a girl