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I'm more than a few years older than my 22 year old girlfriend, within a month of us meeting she had moved into my house and I impregnated her. It was intentional on my part, she was a little doll, 5'-2" tall, weighed 1 20pounds, a bottle blonde, and she had an amazing amount of sex appeal. She turned heads where ever we went, and most times she wasn't even trying.

During her pregnancy she did gain weight, it was a natural progression but she never gained as much weight as she thought she did and she saw herself in an unflattering way. I don't believe she gained more than forty pounds throughout the pregnancy but for her that was disastrous. After our son was born just a few days before Christmas, she immediately started to smoke and stopped eating, she was down to around 130 pounds but she still saw herself as though she was 330.

She fell into a huge depression, which was getting worse, our sons first birthday was fast approaching, I have almost no family but she has quite a large and also an extended family, so she and her family made plans to celebrate our sons first birthday at a nice Italian restaurant, actually it was more known for its pizza which in our state, pizza is tied with Chicago hot dogs!

I convinced my girlfriend to get a new hair style, she surprised us all with not only a new style but a new color, which was a very light brown, she looked great. Earlier in the week I took her clothes shopping, she decided on a long denim blue jean skirt, I was not a fan of it and talked her into getting a very small demin blue Jean mini skirt as well.

She picked out a pair of black spikey heeled knee high boots, black pantyhose,and a very dark red, more maroon like sweater top. Come sunday, the day of the party she refused to wear the mini skirt, saying it was way too short ( which it was ) and because her dad and brother's and step dad would be there she couldn't bring herself to wear it.

The birthday party was ok, I'm never comfortable in those kinds of settings, I'm just not used to family gatherings. My girlfriend looked good, and thankfully she was drinking ( a lot ) her mother offered to take our son for the night, I was surprised to see how fast my girlfriend agreed to that. I was surprised but also happy, after we got home, I continued to get her drinks and she continued to drink them.

Finally it was a little after nine pm and by that time my girlfriend was petty much drunk! I brought up the idea of her putting on the mini skirt and I would drop her off at a bar, it took a little convincing but she agreed, I think she agreed because she was as close to being drunk and still somewhat cognizant as someone could be, if that makes sense?

She thankfully put the blue jean mini skirt on and honestly, it really was too short but I didn't say a word, she said she couldn't wear the black spikey heeled knee high boots because she was worried about falling in them so she slipped her tan ugg boots on and off we went.

It was sunday night and already after ten p.m. so the choices of where to take her ( my goal was for her to get picked up by someone and fucked hard because that's exactly what she needed ) were limited even being in the third largest city in the country but we aren't in the city, were in the south burbs so it's a bit quite on a sunday night.

I took her to a place it was more of a pub restaurant than a bar, I dropped her off and told her to have fun. Less than 45minutes later she was texting me saying to come get her they were closing early because it was a few days before Christmas and no one was there the place was practically empty of customers!

I went back and she was standing outside she was even more depressed and wanted to go home. I was determined to get her laid but of course I never told her that. I didn't have any idea where to even try to look, I was driving randomly and went further south to a small suburb that had a very bad reputation but by sheer luck I see this total dive bar and it's open!! It's close to midnight on a sunday night, two days before Christmas and I find the perfect dive bar.

I pull into the parking lot, there's about eight or nine cars in the lot, that's a good sign I tell her to at least try it, she thankfully says ok, and as she's getting out of our car I told her I would wait in the parking lot and if she was going to stay to text me and let me inow, she said ok.

About five minutes passed and my phone buzsed, it was a text from my girlfriend, she said she was the only girl in the bar and that every guy in there was over fifty years old but the bartender already gave her a drink on the house and two other guys offered to buy her next drink so she said I could leave and she would text me later because that particular dive bar was open until 4a.m.!!!

I drove away happy and hopeful, that bar was no where near close to our house, though being that it was so late on a cold winter Sunday night ( actually Monday morning ) there was literally no one on the streets so I made it home in a little less than an hour.

After I got home I sent her a text to see how she was, she was so happy, the old girlfriend I knew, she said they keep asking her to dance and I could tell by her messages she was beyond drunk! I said, so please tell me you're at least flirting she texted back and said yeah I am, that text made me instantly hard!

I sent a text asking her if she might do more than flirt, my phone buzzed I was so anxious to read her response to my question, her text read, maybe! My nickname for her has always been Doll, so I said oh doll not maybe how bout more like definitely, she are you ok with that? I said omg yes, I would love that. She sen another text and said two guys are friends and they asked her if she wanted to go back to their apartment.

I said what did you tell them, she said she are you sure you're ok and you won't get mad, I said I swore on our son I will not be mad and I'm ok with that, she said ok well I'm at their apartment now lol. I said omg thats awesome, go have some fun!

Those two old guys fucked her for hours finally at around ten a.m. She texted me and said I could come pick her up, she said she told them that she was going to have a friend pick her up so they wouldn't freak out hearing her way it was her boyfriend. I told her that was smart, she asked me to bring her some sweat pants which I did, we went home and it was my turn to fuck her and she was such a good fuck.

It was a great experience for us all and I believe it saved our relationship.