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My introduction to masturbation was somewhat traumatic. I was 4 years old and my step father told me he wanted to teach me how. I know now that this is a form of molestation, but at the time I trusted him and did as he said. After my mom divorced him, I still continued masturbating for my own pleasure. At that young age I would hump the arms of couches or lay on my stomach and hump my hand. My family scolded me and told me a multitude of lies to get me to stop; God is watching, Jesus cries when he sees me do that, Mickey Mouse doesn't let little girls who do that go to Disney, etc. Honestly, the feeling I got from masturbating was so incredible that I just decided to do it in private instead.

Fast forward to the first grade, and two of my male friends and I had been discussing touching our privates at daycare. I knew what a penis was as I had a younger brother, but they had never seen a vulva before so I showed them mine. This turned into a PUBLIC mutual masturbation session. We all sat on the sofa facing the TV (far away from supervision) with our arms twisted behind us and our hands down the backs of our pants playing with ourselves. I'm not sure how that worked for the boys, but I was playing with my anus and it felt incredible. Other boys and girls apparently knew what we were doing and told us we were gross but we didn't stop. We also challenged each other to go to the bathroom and touch our own pee. This was the beginning of a slight urine fetish for me. At that age I also had a girl friend who I would talk with about our mutual crush on one of the counselor's teenage sons. How we thought of this, I don't know, but we agreed that it would be exciting to live under his mattress, cut a hole for his "Weiner" to go through, and lick it while his mom came in the room. Actually, she said she wanted to chew on it but I thought that might hurt him so I told her chewing might be bad...I'm sure she would have liked to thank me later. She and I never had any other sexual encounters and never masturbated together because it was then that I began to realize I liked both boys and girls.

I continued masturbating, but did it in my own since I moved away from my friends. We had moved in with my aunt and my mom worked nights so even though we shared a room, we were never home at the same time and I claimed it as my own personal masturbation space. I'd come home from school, run upstairs, lock the door and strip. We had a footboard with a large knob on it that I would hump (even when it hurt) and I humped our desk and desk chair too. For Christmas when I was 9 I got a my sized Barbie, whom I scissored with at any chance I got. I didn't even know what scissoring was, but I knew I wanted to put my privates on hers. I also masturbated to Victoria's secret magazines and Adult Swim shows.

When I was 10 or so, I found my mom's stash. Strappy leather kink-wear, Playgirl magazines, and a small bullet vibrator. I would strap the leather harnesses onto me (even though they were too big) and yank the strap that went between my legs until I orgasmed. I used the bullet all the time and his it in my pajama drawer, which my mom found. I told her I thought it was a back massager and she told me it was, but it was broken and she had to throw it away. Little did she know... I also had this stone egg that a teacher bought me on a field trip to a cave. I loved putting it in my underwear and rubbing it against my clit, but regret never slipping it inside of me.

My early teenage years were filled with me finding anything I could to fill my holes. First I started by using my drum sticks (I was in band). I would put one in my vagina and one in my anus. I loved it when the two would touch one another inside me. My mom found out about this (I have no idea how) and instead of confronting me wrote "Ew...gross" on one of the sticks so that the next time I pulled them out for a bit of fun I was MORTIFIED. I threw them in a dumpster and switched over to Sharpie markers. I would stick up to 8 of them in my anus which brought me to orgasm so quick! Even now at 23 I do this despite my wide array of dildos and plugs. I would bring the same Sharpie markers to school and would nearly cream my pants when someone would borrow one from me.

I gave my first blowjob at 14 to my boyfriend. I loved sucking his penis, and I loved it even more when he would tell his friends about it. I gained a reputation and I couldn't care less. After we broke up, I would give guys blowjobs, then they would take me on a date (McDonald's -_-).

I had anal sex for the first time also at 14 with my new boyfriend, but let's just say it was a HUGE mess. Thankfully he didn't tell anyone at school because I think it was just as embarrassing for him.

I had vaginal sex for the first time at 16 with another new boyfriend. The guy had cheated on me and told me he'd never cheat again if I let him "put it in me" so I let him. I didn't have an orgasm, and he wasn't big enough to "pop my cherry". Afterwards he said "You weren't as tight as I thought you'd be." Weeks later he "popped" it while fingering me and got mad that I "didn't tell him I had my period". I just let it go rather than telling him the truth.

After I dumped him, I had a steady boyfriend for the next 4 years. He never gave me oral, and I was never satisfied by him but I loved him so I faked it.

After we broke up I had a boyfriend with a death fetish for a year who had to pretend to strangle me to death in order to have an orgasm. I'm into choking now, but honestly that guy was too scary even for me. I wouldn't be surprised if he killed someone for real.

I finally came out as bisexual, but during my brief slutty phase could never manage to sleep with a girl, only desperate guys...

Then I finally met the love of my life. We complete each other both emotionally and sexually (he also has the largest penis I have ever seen!!!!!). He wants me to finally sleep with a woman if I get a chance, he wants me to peg him and tie him up and spank him and I love it! We take turns being the one in control, but honestly we get the most pleasure out of making sweet love and adoring each other's bodies. The most important thing for me is that we encourage each other to masturbate and we don't hide it from one another. We talk about techniques, when we do it, where we do it, etc. He is truly the person of my dreams.