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This all happened 4 years ago on my nieces birthday I was 16 at the time and she was just turning 2 years old now I’m not really a pedo or anything It’s just sometimes I can be impulsive and I went to the kitchen to get snacks from the pantry and she came in behind me smiling I looked at her sweet innocent face and started thinking about things no boy should think about doing I looked around and saw that we were alone in the kitchen at that point I decided to take her inside the pantry with me so I held her hand led her inside and closed the door behind us once we were inside she looked slightly nervous but I reassured her everything was okay and tickled her a little making her smile again witch made my cock hard and I said I have a surprise for you sweetie and pulled it out she stared intently at my penis first very serious then as I started jerking of she started smiling at it she gave a little point and said wat that I calmly said this is my special toy and asked if she wanted to play with it after a few seconds she nodded yes I then took a seat on a steping stool pulled her closer and I instructed her to open her mouth she did and I pulled her head towards my cock closer and closer until it was in her mouth she stood there unsure of herself but I began to coax her saying it’s okay go ahead and suck it just like a lollipop Mmmm that did it she began sucking my cock a little bit then a little faster soon she was sucking the tip just like it was her pacifier but far more rapidly and I started jacking off into her mouth at this point we had been in the pantry for about 5 minutes and I could hear people asking where she was but it felt far to good to stop now and I kept going slowly pushing her head more and more trying to make her deep throat my cock pretty soon I could feel myself getting close to climaxing and tried to stop myself but I just couldn’t it felt to good and my cock exploded in her mouth. Yes I cumed in my 2 year old nieces mouth on her birthday right there in that pantry as I cumed I could see her cheeks puffing out from me filling her tiny little mouth with my massive load her eyes got super big and she stared into my eyes looking both confused and terrified at that same moment I heard my sister her mother walking into the kitchen calling her name for 10 whole minutes when had been inside that pantry and I could hear the concern in her voice my niece heard it to and as she tried to pull away from me I could tell she was about to start crying I panicked grabbed my niece and covered her mouth with my hand she tried to get away but couldn’t I heard my sister walk past the pantry twice then stop in front of it and I hastily put my cock away and stood up before the door opened and light flooded the small space I had no choice but to move my hand from her mouth and I literally prayed that there wasn’t to much cum even though I knew it was my sister looked at me then at little Sara who still had tears in her eyes and she tearfully said mommy giving her a hug it was at this point that I realized her mouth was empty the cum was all gone my 2 year old niece had swallowed an impressively large load of cum after her very first time sucking a cock my sister looked at me and asked what happened I quickly made up a story of how she followed me into the pantry and when the door closed she got scared and we were in there so long because I couldn’t find the snacks luckily she did not notice that my pants were undone and simply said oh ok we’ll forget about it we’re about to cut the cake this was my nieces first time tasting my cum but it would be far from her last