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I had craved her for many years, she always had a huge set of tits and a great shape. She knew her mother and I were always very sexual and so I guess it was not a big surprise that one day I "accidentally send her a pic of my hard cock. I waited a few minutes and then texted her that it was an accident. it was a few minutes before she responded back to me with "no problem, having fun it seems". She was 26 when that happened and she never brought it up, or had any issues as far as I can tell. She continued to be her happy self. Over time she would even bring it up as a joke to me at times. I sometimes stay at her house watching her young son while she goes out. I use her panties and cum all over them. She had never said anything and i am sure she is aware of what I am doing. The last time I stayed over, I sleep on the couch by the way. She came home drunk and almost didnt make it to her room. I got up and helped her to her bedroom. I laid her down and started to pull the covers over her still dressed body when she reached out and asked me to tuck her in. I smiled and kissed her good night. I left the room and a few minutes later she called out for me again. I came back to her room to find the covers tossed down towards the end of the bed and she had removed her clothing and was now in just her panties and bra. She said "you never tucked me in daddy". I then kissed her on the cheek when she turned so that her lips met mine. she then reached around me and put her arms tightly around my neck holding me there while she kissed me back. She let out a light moan as we kissed. She stopped kissing me and asked me if I wanted to cum in her panties again, this time while she was wearing them. I told her I didnt know what she was talking about, and she then grabbed my hand and pushed it towards her now soaking wet pussy. She told me she knew i jerked off into her panties and loved it. She said she wanted to watch me do it right now. She pulled her panties down to reveal her smooth naked pussy. She started to rub herself and told me to jerk off and let my cum spray onto her. with her other hand she started to rub my cock through my pants. I told her I couldnt, but she got me so hard that I finally pulled out and started to stroke myself. I watched her play with her pussy as she watched my cock grow hard right next to her. It didnt take long for me to cum as I was very excited and I watched her moan louder as she had an orgasm as well. My cum shot all over her belly and arm. She finally reached out to touch the last drops of my cum with her fingers and brought them to her mouth to taste. She moaned softly and said thanks for tucking me in daddy, good night. Nothing has ever happened since and she had never said anything about it. Not sure what to do now.