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Three girls I work with started renting a 3 bedroom house almost 4 years ago. Last spring Marlene got transferred to our Hartford office which made it tough to pay the rent. It took a couple months to find a replacement and we ended up with a guy named Derek. He is like a computer genius and a total nerd who works unbelievable hours in our building. We didn't want a guy roommate but were desperate when we let him take Marlene's room. He's been here since last Spring and pretty much keeps to himself. He never seems to go anywhere and is always in his room when not at work. He works 9 to 11 hours everyday and goes in every Saturday morning until about 1 or 2 pm. He always brings something home to eat but goes to his room and we never see him until Monday morning. Karen and I didn't know it right away but he evidently takes some type of pills and is completely unconscious from Saturday night until late Sunday. It was in July the first time we realized Derek was abusing drugs when Karen heard a big thump in his room and thought he was hurt. She knocked for a long time then called me upstairs when he didn't respond. Thinking he was injured Karen opened his door and it was clear to us he fell out of bed. He was naked and we did try to wake him but he never woke up so we picked him up and put him back in bed.

That's when it kinda got goofy because we were surprised how good he was built and for small guy he was hung well. We always considered him a cute guy but that was the first time we saw him naked. We actually shook him a few times but he was dead to the world. We saw the bottle of pills he has but still aren't sure what they are and are afraid to ask. We probably stayed in his room looking at him longer than we should have and Karen at one point separated his legs. He is circumcised, has real hairy balls, nice abs and tight ass. About two weeks later on a Saturday night Karen and I finished off a couple bottles of wine and it was her idea to visit Derek. We went to his room and knocked loudly for almost five minute before we went in. He had a sheet over him but Karen pulled it down almost right away and he was naked again. We just stood there looking at him at first and then Karen touched his penis with her finger lifting it up. We were both pretty drunk and laughing and I'm sure we were loud but Derek never responded. She kept doing it and all the sudden we could see him getting hard and she held it up and ran her fingers under it until he got a full erection. She did it very lightly but began giving him a hand job and he never moved. I don't think either of us thought he would ejaculate but he did after a few minutes. At that time we were laughing out loud and Derek never moved a muscle the whole time she was doing it. She just said we got to get out of here and put the sheet back over him. When we got down stairs I said he is going to know we did something but she just said he'll think he had a wet dream. He never has said anything to us and if we don't go out on Saturday nights we take turns jerking him off. He never moves and its like he must sleep naked all the time because he only has a sheet covering him when we go in his room. I don't know what those pills are but they obviously knock him out. I jerk off my boyfriend sometimes and guys can't help but react to it but Derek always is unresponsive except that he does ejaculate when we do it. Other than that there's no movement at all by him and he never even makes a sound. It don't seem to be natural and lots of times we roll him onto his back to do it. Karen and I play with his testicles and a few times were drunk enough that we tried to wake him. He hardly ever talks to us and we don't see him everyday either. He is usually gone by the time Karen and I get up in the mornings.