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This is the craziest situation I could ever imagine!!! I was scrolling around on Chaturbate a few days ago and was stunned when I came across a bedroom scene with no one in it, but I recognized the bedroom!!!! It was my 18 year old granddaughter's bedroom!!!! I was sure of it!!!! I had helped her paint and decorate and it was very unique!!!! I could not believe it!!! I watched for awhile. No one was there. Just her bedroom and empty bed. Then, all of a sudden SHE came into the scene and sat down on the bed. All she had on was her panties!!!! I completely quit breathing!!!! I was so shocked that I felt like I was going to pass out!!! I kept watching and during the next hour she put on quite a show. She worked her pussy and her asshole over pretty good with a pink vibrator!!! The tips were pouring in!!!! She obviously was a hit!!! I always felt that she was a cutey, but tried not to think of her in a sexual way!!! Now, I can't think of her in ANY OTHER WAY!!!! I am soooo fucked up in the head over this!!! She is my granddaughter and I love her dearly, but I am getting erections like I haven't had in decades when I think about her and/or see her. Now I am jacking off several times a day just thinking about her!!! I have not been able to do that in many, many years!!! I have been able to watch her on Chaturbate a couple of more times, and I get so aroused and jack off so much I am afraid I am going to have a heart attack!!! My cock has not worked like this in a very long time!!!