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I was with my Mrs for 6 years she had a daughter from previous marriage and a year before we broke up her daughter turned 16 (I'm 20 and me a was 41) It started when her mobile froze and I rebooted it and as I pulled the memory there first 5 pictures were of her perky breast her tight round arse her naked lay in with not a stitch on pale white skin but covering most things and the last was the same except she had 1 tit culled in her hand and her feet pressed together knees flopped aside showing her pale skin and ginger pubes I notice that the date on them was that same day which omg made my cock rock hard as I rebooted the phone and gave it to her she asked if the photos and music was recovered as I looked up at her she just smurked as she turned to leave she dropped her phone and on picking it up she pulled the back of her top up just enough to show her perfect bubble butt i wanted to do naughty things and I restrained until she made the move to pick up the phone with butt visible she stood straight and in one smooth action keep in legs straight she bent at the hips placing her palms on the floor doing so her arse flicked up performing a perfect slut drop right infront ofme and when I acted on this was as I noticed her pussy lips no panties and her roll her head back with a look that said it all and I lent forward quickly putting hand between her legs alowing my hole hand to rub the length of her moist ginger cunt right from her clit parting her lips just hard enough to get them wet my hand now being pulled over her gooch between them sexy legs and bubble butt cheeks before caresing her very tight arse hole before smacking hard and firm enough leaving a clear red hand print maki n her yelp at the same time in a sturn voice that that was all she was having before walk in away and leaving her shocked and shaking and from that day every time her mum went out she would present a new or different temptation until eventually she took me by surprise and didn't wait for a move from me she wakes in butt naked grabbing the swivel chair I sat on span it and me towards her she wrapped her skinny bare legs round me with such confidence her lush lips kissed me and she said or more told me that she wasn't takin anything less than having her pussy eaten and pounded like a jackhammer.