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When I was 13, I was hired to babysit for the 7-year-old girl next door. My sister usually did it, but she went away to camp for about a month. I also sometimes took care of the family's dog when they went out of town.

I was a horny young lad, no surprise. One time, while caring for the dog I took off my pants and was jacking off. The dog began locking my young cock, so I started going over there, putting honey on my cock to encourage the dog. The dog also licked my asshole.

When I started babysitting, I found myself getting horny just seeing the dog, and I proposed playing a game with the little girl. Everything I did, she would have to do, too. She thought that sounded fun. So the first thing I did was reach under her dress and touch her panties. She giggled. When I told her she now had to touch me "there" too, she said, "No fair! You are wearing shorts."

So I took off my shorts, and then she put her hand on my briefs. God, was I going crazy. Next, I reached over and pulled her panties off from under her dress. Again, she thought it was fun and giggled. Then she pulled my underwear off and laughed when she saw my cock sticking straight up. "Your pee-pee is weird!" she said. I asked what other "pee pees" she'd seen, and she said her father's, in the shower.

Suffice it to say that this game went on, mostly just touching. But a couple times I put honey on her little pussy and licked it off, and then put honey on my cock and she licked it off.

After my sister came back, I didn't babysit "Allie" any more, and later, I was worried she'd tell. She never did, so far as I know. The family moved away when I was in ninth grade, I think. In some ways, it was the sexiest sex I ever had.