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So it was on our nightout , me and my gf were alone ( all bored ) . At some point of time we both got intimate but she was not really in the mood for sex . I was all turned on by the time. My gf was wearing her soft cotton nighty ( nightdress) so i was casually rubbing my penis on her stomach , kissing and hickeys which turned out to be really sensual, cozy and erotic. It was that time when i couldnt resist the feeling , stranded her tight in my arms and started huming on her stomach. Trust me " this was the best feeling of my life after sex ".

That day i discovered belly humping is the best resembling action for sex. leaves no traces , everythings clean ( except u and ur gf may get sweaty due to continues action and heat ). The girl's moaning will drive u crazy while stomach humping.

PS: *Men always on top

* Always let ur girl wear " a soft tshirt , nighty or lingerie " to avoid unnecessary friction and loss of enjoyment.

* Always cover yourself with sheet " it supports you from unnecessary hump force.

* 15-20 seconds of hump only then break " frequent breaks are necessary for ur girl to rest her stomach and relax her breath , or she dies Lmao"

* try to maintain as much silence as you can " no fan, ac or cooler , tv , radio " etc. Its a surprise . Enjoy

* This tips are wholely and solely for men not for females.

*Please tell me on not the only one and this is a normal fetish