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My step mother forced me to throw everything of mine away that was boys and replaced it all with feminine girls things the day we got of school for summer vacation.She told me that I was never going to be a man that I was too feminine and girly to be a boy and she made me dress and act totally feminine and my father went along with it . My step mother and step sisters replaced redecorated my room and made it look like a girls and replaced all of my boy clothes with girls clothes . I wasnt allowed to wear pants at all,just skirts and dresses ,bras ,panties ,makeup and everything else that was totally feminine. They plucked my eye brows and cut and colored my hair and after dressing me up in a skirt and shear top along with makeup and high heels I looked just like a girl .I was so humiliated when my sisters dragged me outside then to the park where they showed me off to all the girls and the boys who were my friends. The girls loved it and wanted to make me their girlfriend .Only a few of the boys still wanted to be my friend ,the rest were laughing and teasing me and calling me names. I tried telling them I was forced to dress like this but my sisters told them that I was lying and had been dressing like a girl for a long time and everyone believed them not me. My sisters told the boys that I was going to the woods on the far end of the park and they should join me if they wanted to have some fun.I asked Tara what they meant and she giggled and told me that is where slutty girls went to meet boys and suck their cocks.My eyes got huge when I realixed what they had planned for me and tried to get away from them but they were too strong and I was taken to the place in the woods and I was forced to suck several boys cocks.At first they had to hold me and I was tortured to make me suck their cocks but eventually I just gave up and sucked them willingly .When I did that I realized that I was liking it and my sisters noticed it .When we finally got home they told their mother how I willingly sucked a group of boys cocks and swallowed their cum.When My step mother asked me if that was true I had to tell the truth and say yes I did suck their cocks without being forced and yes that I liked doing it . My sisters taught me how to dress feminine,how to act,walk ,talk and everything else there was to know about being a girl . It is strange but as soon as I realized that I liked to suck cock and I swallowed cum because I liked how it felt and tasted I realized that I wanted to dress and be a girl and I stopped resisting and wanted to learn how to be a girl in every way. My sisters loved seeing me get dressed every morning and put on my makeup then go to the park to meet boys and suck their cocks.