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Im a 18 year old straight female with a crazy fetish for females neck, especially if its flexible. I love a neck that cant back far or that can turn around a little farther than usual even neck cracking. Its come to the point where l’ve made a IG page specifically just for my fetish. I’ve checked alot of fetish sites to see if I like was a thing but what I find is just regular neck fetish videos.

There’s hardly any female videos that caters to what I like, but have found alot with guys, which bums me out. I honestly wish there were more females with a kinky side that wouldn’t mind trying out my fetish. Even sometimes I want ask around online and to my friends if they would try it, even though my family and friends know nothing about this cause they would freak out if they did.

I know neck fetish is normal but as a straight female, I feel weird to have such a feeling towards it.