Dirty Confessions - Reveal your innermost secrets.




My name is April i was sixteen I was good looking wash board abs with nice breast and I think I did a unforgivable sin

My brother Rusty was seventeen tall good looking with rock hard chest and wash board six pack abs mildly hairy with a nine inch thick uncut cock

I watch through the crack on the door brother masterbating in the shower and masterbate also

We have a swimming pool in the backyard

One hot humid Saturday afternoon parents gone for a day and not expected to return late evening

I was in my bedroom watching Rusty sunbathing by the swimming pool i told myself that im getting fucked by my brothers cock

I put on a bikini that left nothing to your imagination and pulled out a couple of joints from my dresser drawer and went to the backyard

I set next to Rusty and lite a joint and passed it to him

We finished the joint flying higher then a kite

We both were talking for a few minutes when I stood up stripped my bikini off and laid down

Rusty said that the fuck are you doing I told him im sunbathing and Rusty said yes nude whats the matter you we shy no we're brother and sister

I know I had to try something so lite up the other joint and passed it to Rusty

Rusty is starting at my pussy and noticed a bulge starting i told him get rid of the bathing sute

He started to stand up i walk over to him grabbed his trunks pulled them down and his cock was standing at full staff

I dropped to my knees and suck his cock he saying this is wrong this is wrong his head fell back and started enjoying it.

I stopped laid down on a air mattress spread my legs and said fuck me with that monster cock of yours

Rusty got on top of me and started sliding his cock in my pussy im whispering in my ear what it hurts so I took my time pushing it in all the way

He started fucking me and I started moaning in pleasure after about twenty minutes i started to cum and started saying im cummming and at the same time Rusty shot his load of seed deep into my pussy

Rusty you just cum in me Rusty replied sorry it just happened and couldn't help it i started bleeding Rusty said you ok i said yes you busted my cherry

Rusty told me it's his first time also

The next day my time of the month so I knew I wasn't going to have a baby

Rusty and me would fuck regularly until he went into the military

Three years ago we both got so wasted and we fucked once more

My brother is a police officer in Massachusetts and is planning on visiting me for two weeks

Im wondering if I could get him to fuck me again

Well that's my confession i advise anyone not to have sex with family members if you think about it it's a little gross

I started getting these strange feelings going through me becoming horny I told myself that I was going to get fucked by my brother