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Hi, my name is Susan, 41 years old and married. I own a riding school and a rental stable. I have two daughters the oldest is 17 the other a few years younger. I'm remarried and my husband has a son who's 15. We have a café in the riding hall where the boyfriends of the girls who ride gather. I'm running this with a friend. She is 39 married with four children. I have see the boys look at me. I'm ashblond and i've fixed my boobs after the kids. One day she said the guys were commenting on us. So I start dressing sexy and feel encouraged that the guys see me. We work in tight riding pants jeans or chaps. We each have an office upstairs over the café. One night I hear noises from my friend's office. I peek in and one of the guys pumps her on the couch. Later that night, she comes in to me and says a guy wants to see me. I don't know why I said yes. To exicited. I think so. The next day I take hotpants and chaps. I have some lessons and then go to the office. There I take off my hotpants and keep my string panties. Taking on the chaps. Soon my friend and two guys will be here. I know the guy from her office. Then there's this guy my daughter hung out with for a while. And a friend to my Son-in-law. He's been with us many times. My friend takes her boyfriend to the couch and immediately starts sucking him. The other guy has a bump in his pants and I lean back and pull my finger over the fabric of my panties. Let him see. Then I fold it aside and show myself. I'm too excited to think clearly. He'll be in right now. He's not that big and I'm wet. He pumps hard and comes pretty fast. My friend's riding her boyfriend, and they're almost done, too. We talk a little and my guy says that he know a guy who has a huge cock. Who wants to meet a girl. But he's shy. The guys ask me if I could meet him. I'm too excited to think and say yes. The guys say he's so shy and wonder if I can imagine being blindfolded. He would have the same. I'm too excited to say no. We're meeting the next night in a cabin we own. I told them where the keys were. The next night I'm going there. They're there already and they're coming out. They're taking the blindfold. Put it on me. They lead me in and their hands take on me everywhere. I'm pushing away whoever I think is my friend's boyfriend. They'll lead me to bed. I feel like I'm in the front and there's a really big dick. It's already hard. But I'll take it in my mouth Soon I'll crawl up and steer him right. I ride him hard and should have heard something was wrong. But I was too excited. He comes hard and fills me completely. Im also comming and our juices mixes. Then I hear him and it seems familiar. I rip off the blindfold. That's my stepson under me!!! He is blindfolded to. The guys are sitting on the couch and they've got their dicks in front. I'll take my things and run out. Go to the office and lock the door. I'm going to write to my husband that I'm going to be late because I'm going to look at a horse. And spend the night away at my Colleague. I don't know what to do!!! Susan