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I'm a 50ish married man. Neither my wife, Debbie nor my girlfriend, Tammy will suck my cock. Fortunately Tammy's brother will. I knew he was gay the first time I met him and he has seen me checking out his cock through his pants quite a bit. One day he said, "You know I'm gay, right?" I shook my head. "Tammy says she won't blow you. I want to suck your cock, and I want her to watch." He said that she had never seen him suck cock before but she knew he was gay. I was intrigued by the proposition and I was pretty sure my wife would never find out, so I agreed.

He set it all up. One Friday night I made an excuse to get out of the house and went over to Tammy's house. Jimmy was already there. He was wearing only a t-shirt and gym shorts. I had on my jeans. As I walked in Tammy gave me a big hug and kiss and had me sit on the couch. She was sitting next to me and Jimmy was in the chair across from us. "Just to be clear," he said, "I'm going to suck your cock and Tammy is going to watch, right?" I glanced at her and she was staring at my crotch. He told her to undress me and she took off every stitch of my clothing. I felt a little self-conscious being the only one naked and my little cock was starting to get hard. It is only about five inches hard and is a little embarrassing sometimes.

He had me lay down on the carpet on my back. He knelt between my legs and took my cock in his mouth. It wasn't long and he had me hard as a fucking pole. He pulled off and grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed. He said this was called edging. Get me close and stop until I started to soften, then do it all over again. He was sucking me like this for about 15 minutes and I was going nuts.

I was lost in the moment when he turned around. Without even realizing it he was straddling my chest and had his cock between my lips. "Go ahead, Terry, suck him," Tammy whispered. I had never even thought about sucking another man's cock but I was in the moment. I opened my mouth a little and she put his cock between my lips. His cock was getting hard but the skin was very soft. He started to slowly fuck my mouth. Tammy was staring at my mouth as I sucked his cock like I was made for it. His cock was at least two inches bigger than mine and I couldn't get it all in my mouth.

we were in a 69 for about 10 minutes and without warning he started cumming. He was still edging me and I hadn't cum yet. She yelled "Yes" when she saw his cum squirt out of my mouth. He still had his cock in my mouth when she moved down to watch him. I had built up quite a load and said I was gonna cum. She reached down with a wet finger and shoved it in my asshole. What a fucking feeling that was. I came harder than I had ever cum.

I found out he was only her step brother and they had been having sex with all of her boyfriends for the last 20 years. He always got the first taste of her boyfriends' cocks to see if he was willing to do it with both of them. We spent the next year sucking and fucking. I got used to his cock in my ass while I ate her out and thoroughly enjoyed being fucked as well as fucking both of them.

I got a promotion and had to move, but now and then travel to their town and we pick up where we left off. I've turned in to a true cocksucking pussy boy.