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My wife Tammy and I have been together for two years and I wanted to get a Doberman Pinscher for a guard dog. We had talked about getting him for over a year. She was looking forward to it and I asked her why? No reason she said, she thought it would be nice to have a guard dog around. "My wife is a cock whore and has different men come over and screw her from time to time." I am alright with it I know she needs the cock and it keeps her happy. Beings she has men come over and screw her I figured that when I am gone it may be a good idea to have the guard dog.

We picked him p as a puppy and took him home. I was gone through the week due to work and she only had sex partners over when I was home on weekends. Before I knew it I caught the dog licking her pussy one evening. Here she had been training him to do it since we bought him. Before long she had him mounting her and the two have been inseparable every since. She still has men over every so offen but she does the dog almost every day. I have see her in action with him and he knows what she wants and humps her without hesitation. When they knot it takes twenty minutes or so before he is able to pull out.

My wife loves that we have him and said we should have invested in him sooner. I told her she gets all the cock she wants any way so what does it matter. She to me she enjoys the dog more than her male lovers.