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I was visiting my sister and while there, my niece came home from school. She said high and headed to her room. I was chatting with my sister in the lounge.

She didn't comeback out for a bit, so when my sister went off to make coffee i decided to go find her and say hi properly. I knocked on her door, but she had some music playing so she didn't hear me. I opened her door and i got rock hard instantly.

My 17 year old niece, in her school shirt and pleated skirt, bent over the corner of her bed wearing a pink adult diaper. She was rubbing herself against her mattress. I was standing in her room, closed the door behind me before she realised i was there.

She freaked out and jumped onto her bed and climbed under the sheets to cover herself. It was so easy from here. I explained that i had a few pictures of her now and that if she let me fuck her i would not show anyone or tell anyone. SHe refused a few times and gave in.

I didn't have much time so i just got her bent over the bed again and i fucked her around the diaper. She told me not to cum in her, but i just held her tight and pumped as much in her as i could.

I arranged with her that she has to come past my house several times a week or i would send out the pictures. She was crying because i cummed in her and i just left her in her room.

After a couple of weeks fucking her, i told her that i was going to impregnate her and she was to have my baby. I again blackmailed her and told her i had videos of us fucking and i would show them as well if she didn't. I made it clear that if she had a boy growing to have an abortion, but if it's a girl, she is to keep it.

She cried for weeks when she came over, but she is now 5 months pregnant with my baby daughter. She is due to have my daughter just after she turns 18.