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when my daughter was born my husband was very absent. he worked a lot which wasn’t his fault but i was very alone with my daughter. intimately and emotionally. i was trying to masterbate one day but my daughter was crying. i tried to ignore it but i couldn’t. she was 7 months old by this time so i walked over the crib and picked her up. i wasn’t wearing any pants or underwear at the time and i was still trying to satisfy myself. after she calmed down i laid her next to me and i started rubbing myself again. it wasn’t enough even after i came. i know i’m going to hell for this but i took her diaper off and just stared. finally after a couple of minutes i licked her slowly. no reaction. i slowly started eating her pussy and it felt so good to do it. i made sure to lick her clit good. after an hour i grabbed my dildo and put some lube on it. i rubbed it against her pussy and slid the tip in. she started crying and i slowly got two more inches inside her. her pussy was basically sucking in it. i fucked her pussy in it a good hour and then i cleaned her up. her father still doesn’t know. she’s 2 now.




When I was 4 I remember being babysat by the neighbors daughter. She was 16 and was becoming a woman. Her sandy blonde hair was shoulder length and really beautiful brown eyes.

My parents went out so that left my siblings and I under her care. As the youngest I was her favorite. She always would hug me and kiss me and I loved all the attention.

This particular day she was loving on me more than other times. She put a movie on to keep my siblings happy because video tapes were still new. She excused herself to go to the bathroom and took me with her. When we got in the bathroom I remember watching as she pulled her pants and underwear down.

I just remember seeing quite a bit of brown hair between her legs. She caught me staring and instead of being mad she asked if I was curious to see what she looked like? I shook my head yes and she spread her legs wider.

When she was done she asked if I wanted her milk. As I was still young and occasionally allowed to breastfeed by my mother. I was more then eager to try her milk. She lifted up her shirt and bra and I saw her perfect puffy light brown nipple that was about the size of pencil eraser.

I eagerly sucked on it but no milk it only made me want to suck harder. Then I heard her moan. The harder I sucked to get her milk the more she moaned. I wasn’t sure what I was doing but she liked it.

From that point on every time she would babysit me she would let me suck on her nipples. I loved the closeness of it. Now anytime I think about it gets me hard and when I see a teenage girls budding nipple I get this tingling that makes me want to suck and suck and suck just to hear her moan.




I was twenty one when my daughter was born. While her mother worked, I took care of Her at home. When she was Half a year old I was masturbating when she began To get fuzzy. Annoyed I grabbed her and put her on the floor with me Removing her diaper. After cleaning her up, I rubbed up and down her slit Feeling how soft and warm it was. My cock was still extremely hard and I left her naked as well. I fiercely began masturbating Before picking her up and sitting on the chair. Putting her in my lap, my stiff prick Jutting between her thighs. I began to lift her up and down rapidly but short strokes Lasting thirty seconds before cumming harder And more amount than I ever have before.




I was a young child Brin, my father and mother use to play with me sexually. My mother would rub my little pussy and Dad would lick me . As I got older he would finger me mum would help him when I was about 3 yo I would suck dads cock and lick mums pussy . I use to love dads cum. This went on for years mum always wanted him to get me pregnant . When I was 15yo mum got her wish, i got pregnant . A few of his male friends use to play and fuck me as well I am not real sure if the baby was my fathers or one of his friends. The little girl was born and dad and mum treated her like it was dads baby.

A few months after the baby girl was born I moved to my own place . Mum and dad use to come over and fuck me I still enjoyed that. After a little while they started to play with my little girl . She seemed to like what they did to her. She was still breast feeding so she loved to suck as much cum out of dads cock as she could get. Buy this time she was about 12 mths old . a couple of dads friends use to come over and she loved sucking there as well. Eve became a real cum slut. It was Friday i thought I take Eve shopping It was a small shopping centre . I walked for a while wheeling the stroller and looking at the shops. I noticed a large black man following close behind. He looked dishevelled and his clothing was very dirty he looked in his forties . We looked at more shops . People were looking at him he looked a little out of place. I could see he was looking at Eve.

I thought I take Eve to the change room at a quiet area at the back of the centre. We entered the change room I could see he was still behind us. It had a lockable door on the change room but I never locked the door I just left it a jar. I could see he moved closer to the door , I laid Eve on the change table with her pussy facing the opening in the door. I removed he nappy and her cotton panties they were a little wet. I opened her little legs exposing her little pink cunny. I looked through the opening in the door i could see he was close now his eyes were affixed to her sweet cunny. I moved to the door and opened it a little and said to him come in.

He moved in though the door I closed the door behind him. He looked at me and I just nodded at him, he moved close to her and put his large finger on her cunny. I could see he was hard he rubbed his finger up and down her lips she was giggling and then he moved to her clit . She stopped giggling and started to coo. My cunt was so wet I was ovulating at the time which made more juice coming out of my pussy. he moved his head down and started to lick her cunny. I looked at him and said would like to come to our place? He just nodded, I said I will pick you up at the back of the centre. He left the room and I put Eve clean pants on and headed to the front car park. I drove to the back of the centre he was standing there with a large bag on his shoulder. I could see he was still semi hard. No one could see him get in the car . I said to him it will take about 10min to get to our place, he just nodded. I was starting to think he couldn’t talk. I arrived at my place drove into the garage and rolled the door down no one would be able to see him. I looked at him as he got out of the car he was still semi hard his cock looked quite large. But it was hard to tell in his pants.

We went up stairs he put his bag down I moved close to him and rubbed down his pants with my hand. Fuck it was a large cock! He pointed at Eve? I knew what he wanted. I said i will put her on the change table in her room to give you better access to her sweet cunny. He looked at me and nodded again. We went to the room put her on the change table removed her panties. He was so close behind me I could smell him. I could hear him breath heavy as I pulled her legs apart. I stepped aside and he move close to her his head went straight down to her little cunny. He was licking her so hard her eyes were wide open and she was moaning cooing. I reached in and unzipped his fly and undid his pants. He turned sideways to give me better access to his cock as it dropped to the floor I could not believe it his cock was at least 10.5ins and 3 ins round fuck me. As I moved closer to his cock it had a strong smell it was black as ink and had huge veins and was un cut. I put my hand near the to of his cock and pulled the foreskin down . Fuck! it had large amounts of dried white cum under his cock flange very strong smell. I don’t know why all I wanted to do was suck it. A large black hand came to back of my head and pushed down , so I had no real option but to suck it.

The taste was unreal like cum but much stronger and now I had a large amount of pre cum as well. The taste was like nothing I had before. His cock was so clean now I just wanted that huge cock in me. I pulled my pants down I had so much juice running out of me I looked into the gusset of my undies and there was a large mound of dry pussy cum. I backed up against his huge cock I held his cock to my wet cunt hole. I pushed back on it ,a small amount of cock and the head went in. I t was so fucken huge he started to push I hurt a bit . He pushed a bit more I was taking most of it. He just slowly pumped away at it I had a few orgasms in 3 or 4 mims. I have never had a cock like it before. I hear Eve she was like whimpering. I looked over at her and she had a look of ecstasy on her face. He was doing it to both of us.

I heard him groaning I knew what he was going to do. His cock fell from my cunt it was covered in white pussy cum. He held on to his huge cock and guided it to Eve’s tinny cunny and stroked it gently. And then rubbed his huge head on her cunny and drops of pre cum run on her pussy lips. Then he started to shoot his load he filled her cunny lips and then the last spurt of thick cum he shot in her mouth . She licked and licked Eve loved it and said after nice cream. John smiled at what she said . We will call him John we don’t know his name because he never spoke the hole weekend. Brin moved over to her little girl and cleaned all of John’s thick cum off Eve’s cunny lips. John looked on and smiled. Eve and I took several loads of Johns cum in me and in Eve's mouth over the weekend.On Monday I dropped him back to the rear of the shopping centre . I said to him we could meet again next week around the same time. He nodded.

To be continued




I’m 27F and the last few days have been amazing omg. I met a pedo (M19) on the a confession site called rawconfessions. I told him I have a 4 year old daughter and he showed me his pedocock to see how hard he got for her. I had never done anything like that before, He asked me if I could make a video of me masturbating to some child porn and I said yes. He sent me videos of moms and daughters and some dad and daughters stuff. I couldn’t send the full 4 minute video to him but I sent him the best parts at could have lol. He said he came so hard from it, but after he said he had to go to work, but after we had amazing night omg. So I live with my brother, and it’s just us and my daughter, so my daughter usually is in my room, I let her strip of her pajamas bottoms cuz it gets to hot where I’m from lol. So I got so honey when she sits in my lap and she’s a pretty deep sleeper, so I hump her little body and send the pedo guy and video of me doing it. He got so hard, but he and I wanted more. As much as I wanted to turn her over and scissor and trib her fucking 4 year old cunt with my milf pussy I couldn’t do it, so I instead tried to hump her little ass harder and sent the guy more videos. After that my daughter got upset from waking her up, and I gave up lol. I hope other Pedomoms see this and come out and confess there stories about stuff like this. ;)




i’ve been molesting my cousin since she was 1. she’s 5 now. I’m 20 and i’ve been baby sitting her since she was a newborn. it all started when my ex girlfriend left me. i was starting to drink and i would regularly watch porn. one day i had to change my cousin and i was really horny. when i was changing her i could help but touch her small pussy. it was so pink and perfect. my aunt was out of town that weekend and i took my changes. as i was touching her pussy she was just giggling. soon i started to lick her pussy. when i tell you one yr old pussy is the best. after that day i would lick her for hours when her mom was gone. when she was 3 her dad walked in on me in between her legs. he stood there for what felt like forever but i didn’t stop. finally he left as i was finishing. the next day we asked me “what did she taste like?” and i told him everything. as i was telling him i could tell he was hard. i told him let’s go into his daughters room to relieve it. once his daughter saw me she was already taking her cute little shorts off. i smiled at her and told her “today we're making daddy feel good.” she just nodded and took off her panties. to my surprise her dad already had his cock out and i watched him spread her legs wide. he started rubbing his cock into her slit and i whispered into his ear “put it inside her. take your daughter whole.” he paused for a moment and started holding down my cousins hands as he shoved his cock into her small pussy. she started screaming and crying but i covered her mouth. he slid all of his cock inside her and i watched him fuck her. soon i started to use her mouth since watching him fuck her made me all horny. it was amazing. we both took turns for hours and we’ve been fucking her together every since and his wife still doesn’t know.




I have an older sister by 8 years. When I was 5 she started playing with my clit. Over the years she would lick and suck my nipples and play with and lick my clit. At age 16 she started fingering my wet pussy. From the beginning she would put her big tits in my mouth and rub her beautiful shaved pussy against mine. Around age 8 she started riding my face so I’d lick her clit and stick my tongue deep inside her. I loved fingering her. She liked rough action so I’d hump her and / or finger her pussy - hard. I loved humping her. She had me put on her strap on dildo when I was 13 and I got to fuck her. It was so good. After I’d fuck her with the dildo she would eat me out till I would cum in her mouth. When I was about 14 daddy walked in on me sucking my sister’s big titties while I fingered her tight, wet pussy. He stood and watched us - shocked.

He went to my sister and slapped her asking how she could be doing this to me. He ordered us to get dressed and said it better not happen again.

Only that night I woke up with daddy in my room masterbating and looking at me. I sleep naked. He must have pulled my covers down. I felt slightly scared at first, but my hormones took over. I started rubbing my swollen clit and he gasped.

He pushed my legs open and started ramming his finger in my juicy little pussy.

“Ohhhhhh yeah. That’s a good, little pussy. You’re so tight baby.”

He kept jacking off.

Then he leaned between my legs and started licking my little wet slit.

“Mmmmm that pussy tastes so good baby. Daddy likes this pussy. Daddy is going to lick you for a while. Have you ever come baby?”

“Yes daddy” I said. “ my sister makes me cum every day” I told him.

“Oh fuck, that’s so fucking hot”

He licked my pussy and jacked off. Once I came he left my room quickly.

A few days later, as my sister and I were jumping and rubbing our pussies together - daddy walked in again.

“Yesssss my girls are so sexy”. He came right over and started grabbing at my sister’s big tits.

“I want to join, girls” he told us.

My sister had me start rubbing her with daddy’s cock inbetween our pussies. He came so fast. Then he left the room with out a word.

Then, that night he had my sister go into my room where he met us. He wanted to watch my sister lick my clit. She spread my legs - wide. She started rubbing my pussy- getting it wet and juicy. She started licking my clit and finger fucking me while daddy jerked on his cock. Then she told dad it was my turn. She got me to sit on her lap as she spread my legs in front of daddy’s face. My knees were drawn up and daddy slipped a finger inside me. When he started licking he would start on my sisters pussy and lick up to mine. It was so sexy. But I think dad wanted my sister. Like really bad. He had me get up and he placed himself between her legs. He grabbed the vibrator laying next to her and he shoved it up inside of her. He was aggressively fucking her with the toy. I couldn’t help it. I had to masterbate as I watched. Finally he slipped his long thick cock up in her tight pussy. He fucked her so hard that he was panting and grunting like an animal. He had her by the hips just thrusting as hard as he could into her.

He didn’t cum. He instead pulled out of her and grabbed me. He threw me on my tummy on the bed and jammed his cock into my virgin pussy. I cried out. In fact I kept crying. He didn’t care. He rammed his cock in and out and viciously grabbed my tits until he unleashed streams of cum into my pussy.

Daddy didn’t come back into my room again after that. At least not for sex. Well not until my sister’s baby was born. When I was 16 my sister gave birth to a baby girl. I was elated. She would always have me babysit, which translated into me molesting that little girl. I was constantly licking and touching her nipples and tiny pussy. I loved to lick her pussy alllllll night when I’d babysit.

One night daddy walked in on me when my head was between the baby’s legs.

“Oh fuck” he muttered.

I didn’t stop. I slowly licked her with long strokes. Daddy came closer and unzipped his pants watching.

“ I like molesting my niece “ I told him. “ I like liking and flicking her nipples with my tongue. But I LOVE licking her clit and stimulating her with my fingers. “

Dad had unzipped his pants. Never moving his eyes from me diddling my niece’s pussy, he started rubbing his hard cock.

“Do you really like this daddy? Me diddling your granddaughter? You like watching me molest her little cunt? You want to help, daddy? Because my sister’s boyfriend watches us diddle her. He loves getting off watching us molest the baby. Do you want to also, daddy? Or do you want to diddle her yourself?”

Daddy stuttered and stammered. I took the baby and held her up, naked, right infront of his face.

“Lick her daddy. Lick this tiny wet pussy. It tasted so goooood. I love licking her pussy. Little girl pussy is amazing daddy. It tastes so fresh and I’ve gotten it used to the tip of my tongue.”

Daddy started licking her pussy. Such a sight to see. Such a beautiful sight. I let him hold her as he molested her little pussy with his tongue. Then I started playing with daddy’s dick.

Fuck it, I thought. I got on my knees and took daddy in my mouth. With daddy licking the baby and me sucking and licking the head of his big cock, he came in just a few minutes.

But the whole thing made me real horny.

“Daddy I know you came, but it’s my turn now. You will need to help me. He looked ecstatic. As daddy got between my legs to lick me, I put the baby over my mouth. Omg I love how she tastes. As I licked her, as daddy licked me - I came in a few moments.

So 10 years have passed. Our family is still the same. Both my sister and I have had a few more kids. All girls. We’ve had 5 total between the two of us. Two girls are daddy’s. We each had one of his children.

Nothing is hotter than when we pass the girls around. But the hottest is when daddy is molesting one of the daughters he’s had with me and my sister.

Lately I’ve started getting our girls to diddle eachother. I love watching these sisters and cousins performing incest. And my sister, daddy and I all help.

Bath time is my favorite. I love to use the shower head on their little pussies.

My 8 year old daughter started having friends sleep over. I don’t know how or why, but the little girls that come over are usually quite cooperative and let us molest them so so good. My daughter seems to already have lesbian tendencies. She loves loves loves their bodies and private parts. She’s also quite aggressive - which really turns me on. I love to watch her nibble and bite other girls. I realllllly love to watch her finger other girls. She has them play house and she’s the husband/father. She will suck the tits real hard and finger them furiously. She also is very vocal. Saying “you like that. You like my finger in your pussy”. Omg I get so wet hearing her.

My sister enjoys bringing other men over - just to watch. I let them play with me and I suck their dicks while they watch all our little girls being so sexual. I love to make these old perverts cum on the girls’ tits and ass. Then I rub it alllll in to them and I’ll lick my fingers clean.

I have been wanting to find a teen prostitute. A girl. I want to pay her to let me take advantage of her. And I want to pay her to be the babysitter who molests them as I watch. Pay her to let daddy fuck her as hard as he’d like. Maybe even let a strange man watch as she licks and fingers the girls.

The best of the best is when we go to the park. The park nearby has a homeless shelter right next to it. So the park is always filled with bums. I love bums. Dirty unshaven. Sloppy. They are always desperate for anything related to sex. When I see them I start by going up to one and taking one of their hands. I place it on my tit. I start rubbing their hand into me. Then I slide their hand down between my legs.

“Do you like that?” I’ll ask

As soon as they confirm to like it, I surprise them by putting their hand on whatever girl is w me - on her pussy. They will realize immediately that there is no diaper or panty on the girl I’m holding. I love the look they all get. Excited. Mesmerized. Horny. Eager.

I suggest we go for a walk on the trail. It leads to my parked car in a secluded area. Once we get to my car I’ll let them be alone with her in the backseat. I sit in the drivers seat.

“You can lick, suck, and finger. Always gently. But no real penetration” I tell them. And I always tell them”make sure to lick her up reallllllll good, you understand? They always understand.

This last bum that diddled the 6 year old was real eager. He quickly undresses my daughter and started licking her nipples. He immediately started licking and lapping at her pussy and worked the tip of his finger into her wet pussy. I told him “take your dick out. Slide her up and down your shaft. Three or four strokes of my daughter's pussy along his shaft caused him to cum almost immediately. He moaned so loud. I took my daughter back into my arms as he cleaned up.

“Lady thank you” he said

“Oh no problem. I can come back for a replay for you. A different girl. A different age. “

“Holy shit! Are you serious”

“I am” I said and smiled.

I see him now twice a week.