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Growing up my dad was a trucker and gone for weeks at a time. My mom would always go get a case of beer and was often so drunk I had to help her to bed. When she was really drunk I would put my hand around her waste and slip it around to her tit. She never seemed to mind. When she and dad got drunk together they often went to bed early and one time I walked in to ask a question and she was kneeling between his legs sucking his cock. "Oh, fuck yeah, honey," he said, "Take it. Take it all." I could tell he was cumming and she was a real pro at sucking him dry. My cock got instantly hard and I had to go jack off.

I turned 17 in the early summer and dad left a day after my birthday. He would be gone most of the summer and mom did her usual and came home with a case of beer. After she had about eight she was getting pretty drunk. I snuck into the kitchen and stole a beer and went into the bathroom and guzzled it down. I did this two more times and was a bit drunk myself. When I came back out to the family room she was sitting in a way her foot was tucked under her and I could tell her heel was right under her cunt. She was rocking back and forth a little and I could see she was enjoying it. Finally she said it was time for bed and asked me to help her. She was in one of her near-sheer nighties and I could see the outline of her nipples.

I wrapped a hand around her and helped her up. She fell against me and my free hand grabbed her tit to steady her. She pushed in a little closer and I took a chance and tweaked her nipple. She moaned a little and leaned into my shoulder. I walked her into her bedroom. I was pretty sure she wouldn't remember anything in the morning so I whispered, "I saw your foot under you. You really like masturbating, don't you?" Absently she said, "Mmm. Almost as much as sucking a nice cock." That shocked me a little bit but I didn't respond. She sat on the bed and I said, "Here, let me help you" and grabbed her nightie and pulled it up. She lifted her arms and let e take her nightie off. Her tits were right in front of my belly. I got a little bolder and said, "Do you think I have a nice cock?" She reached forward and rubbed my crotch. "I can't tell," she said started to unbuckle my belt and pants. She pushed my pants down to my thighs and pulled my shorts down.

My cock popped almost straight out. "What do you think? Is it a nice cock?" I asked. "Still can't tell," she said. She scooted off the bed onto her knees and again shocked me by taking my cock into her mouth. Ten minutes later I emptied my nuts into her mouth. I then helped her into bed and went into my bedroom.

The next night I came in about 7 o'clock. She was a little drunk already and I didn't think she remembered the night before. "Come here, honey," she said. I sat next to her as she finished her fourth beer. "I'm really sorry about last night. It was improper and I'm ashamed of myself. It will never happen again and we should forget it never happened." I just sat there as she drank another beer. "Dad's a lucky man," I said. When she asked why I said, "If you sucked my cock every night like that I'd never get in my truck again." She turned a little red as she opened another beer.

After a couple more I got up and took a beer myself. I opened it up and sat on the couch next to her. She said nothing. "You never did answer my question, though." "What question?" she asked. "When I asked you if I had a nice cock," I said and rubbed my cock. She just stared at the bulge in my pants. "Didn't you like it when I did this?" I asked as I put my hand on her tit. When she closed her eyes and put her head back I started playing with her nipple. This went on for about 30 seconds and her hand went to her crotch.

I moved her hand off of her crotch and put my hand right on her pussy under her nightie and said, "Here, let me do it." She seemed oblivious to me but started moaning as my finger tickled her clit and slipped inside her. She was quite buzzed now and I said, "I think I need you to suck my cock again. I took my hand off of her and took my pants and shorts off. My cock was about half hard. She didn't hesitate as she bent over and took my cock into her mouth. She sucked me until I blew my load in her mouth. After she sucked me dry I expected her to stop but she kept sucking until I was getting hard again. Her hand was now finger fucking herself with three fingers. I pulled her mouth off of my cock and lifted her head up to mine and kissed her. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and she responded.

I positioned her so she was on the carpet on her knees with her chest was on the couch and I knelt behind her. I moved forward until my cock was at her pussy. I pushed in and it slid in like lubed piston. I pushed all the way in and she said, "Oh, yeah. That's it, fuck me honey." I did. Having just cum it took a long time but this was way better than jerking off. She came twice while I fucked her. When I asked her if she wanted me to cum inside her she said no. She pulled off of me and led me to her bedroom. She laid me on the bed and got into a 69 position. Her cunt was on my mouth and her mouth was on my cock. We licked and sucked each other for another half hour and I was finally ready to cum. She had cum two more times with me eating her. I was finally there and came hard. I was exhausted and when she had finished me off she just crawled off of me and said, "Let's just go to sleep." I slept in her bed that night. When I woke up it was because she had her mouth on my cock again. I was as hard as a fucking rock and had a nice morning cum.

We did this several nights a week when dad was gone. It has been years now and we've never told anybody. I'm fortunate enough to now have a wife who loves cock almost as much as my mom.