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In 1978, at age 13 my parents decided I should go help my aunt for the summer doing yard work around her house. My aunt Martha was 67 and her husband had died 2 years earlier. After working all day in the hot sun, I was exhausted by dinner time. Martha lived in a small cottage with only 1 bathroom. After using her shower which was filled with the usual assortment of women's shampoos, conditioners, etc, I was horny with nothing to do. (The internet hadn't been invented yet and Marth only had a few channels on TV.) Since I was going to be stuck with her for almost 3 months, I decided to make the best of it. I decided then and ther to jack off and cum in her jar of Oil of Olay. After emptying a large load of my hot, sticky semin into the jar, I stirred it up and came out of her bathroom. Later that evening, when Martha came with her Oil of Olay covering her face, I nearly came again in my shorts. Aunt Martha looked pretty good for age, full 38DD tits and not fat at all. She must have seen my expression and said "the secret of young looking skin is a good facial every night." The thought of some of my semen on her face made my dick hard for the rest of the night. Rather than beat off in bed, I decided to save my dick juice for Aunt Martha. My cum was going to be in her tummy, in her hair and on her face all summer! Maybe this wasn't so bad after all.

Each day after working in the summer heat, I would take a shower while Martha cooked supper. I would then ejaculate into her conditioner, shampoo, and Oil of Olay. Since I usually stayed up later than her, I also came in her coffee creamer. I was jacking off 2-3 times a day/night and filling her white products with my white stuff. At one point I became concerned she might think something was up since her conditioner, shampoo and Oil of Olay weren't emptying. She didn't seem to notice and I kept cuming in each of them.

Perpetually horny, I was always looking around her house for white stuff to ejaculate into. Her "unflavored" yougert quickly became mixed with my semen. Same with her Hidden Valley Ranch dressing.

By the end of the 2nd month, I was horny as ever, knowing that Aunt Martha was eating my cum, washing in my cuma and smearing it on her face! When I wasn't working outside, I was beating off into something she would use. I figured some of her containers were probably filled with half sperm by this time. I was a sperm making machine! Although I probably needed to slow down since the conditioner, shampoo and Oil of Olay didn't smell fresh, but rather of my dick juice. I wasn't sure how much longer I could keep this up without Martha suspecting something was "funny" smelling or tasting.

With about 2 weeks before I had to go home, Aunt Martha pushed open the bathroom door (since I didn't have it locked) just in time to see me shoot a thick gooey load of cum into her Oil of Olay. I turned beet red and fumbled to put my dick back into my shorts.

To my surprise, Aunt Martha didn't get mad like I expected. She just said, "What? You don't think I know the smell and taste of a man's semen?" I was speechless. I thought I was dead. My aunt had just caught me jacking off into her face creme. I was thinking about the punishment I'd get as soon as Martha told my parents.

Martha told me to go out into the living room while she finished making dinner. She didn't say much when we ate. I was dying of embarrassment. I wasn't sure if she did it on purpose, but she added my cum-filled Ranch Dressing to her salad and didn't say a word. For desert, she took several spoonfulls of her plain yougert filled with my sperm and added blueberries to it for desert. She was killing me. I was horny and ashamed at the same time.

She told me to go watch TV while she cleaned up. I sat on her couch flipping through the 5 channels not interested in any of them. When Aunt Martha didn't come nto the living room like she normally did after doing the dishes, panic set in as I imagined she was calling my parents from her bedroom. After what seemed like an eternity, Aunt Martha walked into the living room wearing a semi-sheer blue nightie and a pair of silk shorts. I had never seen her wear these, what the....?

Not knowing what to do, I quickly focused my attention on the TV. What the heck was she doing to me? It was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her full breasts were pushing her "granny" nipples into her sheer blouse. She sat down on the couch next to me and lightly put her wrinkled hand on my thigh. Her unexpected touch made my dick twitch. I was seriously confused. Why is she wearing this outfit if she's going to punish me?

Martha calmly said, "You know what you did, was wrong, don't you"

"Yes, Aunt Martha." I said without looking up. My parents were unbelievably strict when it came to anything sexual.

She continued, "Why didn't you tell me you were horny?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "How could I?"

Martha explained "I'm not like your parents when it comes to sex."

My blood began to rage through my ears and I became flushed with embarrassment.

She began to lightly caress my thigh just below my gym shorts sending electric shocks up my leg to my rapidly hardening dick. "Are you a virgin?" she asked. "Yes, I am." My dick was now tenting my gym shorts and was clearly obvious to Martha.

She continues on, "You know, eventhough I'm old, I still get urges too." I couldn't believe what she just said. "After my husband, George passed, God rest his soul, I found myself still getting woman's urges."

Why was she torturing me with this sex talk? What the hell was going on? At this point I was looking at the floor, trying to will my raging hard on to subside, but it wasn't working.

Aunt Martha slowly started stroking her left hand up further along my inner thigh, closer and closer to my erect cock. As her little fiinger brushed up against my hard-on, she stopped as she felt it twitch. I was in hell.

She quietly leaned over and whispered in a husky, "sexy" woman's voice, "Instead of jacking off all around my house in all my things, would you like to do the "real" thing?" I looked at her in total disbelief. What was she talking about. "What do you mean" I stammered.

"You know what I mean." She said slyly with a slight grin and planted her left hand firmly on my erect dick.

I jumped back in the couch from surprise. No one, especially a woman, had every grabbed by dick. My cock was rock hard and I could feel the pre-cum oozing into my underwear.

Aunt Martha said, "Come on, you're a horny 13 year old boy. i wasn't born yesterday. I'm going to let you in on one of my secrets. By 11, i was already giving blowjobs to the boys in school." She began to slowly rub my straining cock through my gym shorts.

I couldn't believe what my dear old Aunt Martha just said and was doing to me! Martha shifted her position on the couch to get closer to me. She took her left hand off my dick and put it around my shoulders. I could feel her hard nipple pressing into my right arm. i could feel her warm breath on my neck as she placed her right hand on my dick and squeezed playfully.

"Wouldn't you like to make love to a real woman - even if she is old? I don't look that bad do I? Your cum in my Oil of Olay seems to be working real well these past 2 months." she said with a playful laugh.

At this point, I figured if I was going to be punished, it may as well be for doing something worth the punishment. I said "Yes, Aunt Martha, I would." She laughed and said, "Don't call me "Aunt" anymore. Call me "Martha"". "Yes, Martha."

For the next 5 mins, she leaned against me and quizzed me on what I knew and what I wanted. Everything from getting a blowjob to eating pussy. I couldn't believe I was having this sexual conversation with my aunt while she was stroking my cock lightly through my shorts.

She suddenly got up and turned off the TV and said "Let's go to bed now." Ok, so I stood up with my raging hardon and turned towards the guest bedroom. Aunt Martha said, "Not that way silly. This way" as she motioned towards her bedroom. Was she serious? I half stumbled towards her bedroom, not knowing what to do with my still raging hard on. Martha took my hand and gently led me to her bed. As she sat on the edge of her bed, she reached up and pulled my shorts and underwear off. "My! Let's see what we have here." My 13 year boy cock sprang to it's full 6 inches and glistened with precum oozing out of my cockhead slit. Martha looked up at me and said, "Blowjobs are better without any teeth." And with that she removed her dentures and placed them on her night stand. With a devilish grin she opened her mouth and began sucking on my dick. I was in heaven.

Aunt Martha worked her tongue all over my cock while moving her toothless mouth up and down my erect shaft. She cupped my aching balls and massaged them with her warm hands. The feeling of my first blowjob, toothlesss even, was indescribable. It wasn't long before I whispered to her, "I'm gonna come!" Martha ignored me and began sucking me faster. I erupted into her mouth and she started swallowing as fast as my dick could spurt hot gooey semen into her. After I was spent, she leaned over and reinserted her dentures and asked me, "Well, how was that?"

"Oh, Martha, that was the greatest cum I've ever had!"

She said she had more to show me, but first I had to return the favor. With that she undid her blouse letting her full breasts be fully exposed. She leaned back on the bed and told me "Take my shorts and panties off." I didn't have to be told twice and slid them down her legs. I had no idea what to expect as I took off her panties. I immediately noticed her silver/grey pubic hair was carefully trimmed into a little runway. Aunt Martha shaved her pussy hair! As she spread her legs, I could see a little pussy juice dripping from her lips. She reached down and spread her pussy lips and said, "I want you to eat me out!" I didn't know how to start, so she said, "Just put your lips on my pussy and lick my clit." I moved eagerly between her elderly legs and inhaled the delectable smell of my first pussy. I timidly began licking up and down her slit. She said, "Honey, girls like it when you do it slightly harder." and with that she took her hands and put them behind my head and firmly pulled my mouth to her wet slit. She helped "guide" me by moving my head up and down frmly to give me an idea of how she liked my tongue in her pussy then around her clit.

Aunt Martha's breathing became rapid and her hips rose off the bed to meet my tongue. "Deeper, harder, oh yes!" Her pussy juice was running down my chin as I eagerly tried to please her. She grabbed my right hand and placed it on her tit. "Squeeze my nipples, firmly but not too hard." I began to roll her erect nipples with both my hands as my head was running up and down her pussy. I had always thought "old" ladies were dry and wrinkled. Not my Aunt Martha. Before me was a very excited and well lubricated 65 year old woman begging me to eat her wet pussy! As she approached her orgasm, Martha pulled my mouth hard against her pussy and wrapped her legs around my head, nearly suffocating me. Not knowing what else to do, I vigorously licked her clit and thrusted my toung into her tasty wet pussy. "OH GOD! DON'T STOP! EAT MY PUSSY!" I could feel her pussy convulse with each wave of her orgasm. Aunt Martha released my head and said, "That was great! Where did you learn to eat pussy?" With her pussy juices running down my chin, all I could say was "From you, Martha". She just smiled and pulled me up on top of her and gave me a big french kiss.

Eventhough she had swallowed my cum about 15 mins earlier, I could still taste myself when she tongued me. We sort of swapped my left-over remnants of semen with her pussy juices. What an erotic combination. My dick was rock hard again and shee could feel it pulsing on her lower stomach. Aunt Martha looked at me and said "It time you fucked me." and guided my cock into her wet hole. I had never felt anything so warm and wet! I immediately began pumping her pussy. She told me to "Slow down and enjoy it." She french kissed me while I fucked her as slow as I could. She would reach back and grab my butt cheecks to guide my fucking speed into her wet pussy. Sadly, I may have only lasted about 20 thrusts before I spurted my boy semen into my Aunt Martha. By now I was totally spent and Martha was too.

We slept naked that night. In the morning, Martha woke me up with her toothless mouth around by morning wood. "Good morning, sleepy head!" After I came in her mouth, she put her teeth back in and said, "Time to get up and get to work."

For every night until I went home, Aunt Martha and I enjoyed each other sexually in almost every way possible. On the night before I had to go home, she let me fuck her ass! It took a lot of lube, but I enjoyed shooting my semen in every one of her holes! What an Aunt! I went back for 2 more summers of sucking and fucking before Aunt Martha passed away. She was a horny old lady and taught me how to fuck and suck. Thanks Aunt Martha!