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my sister had some bad friends before she was kicked out of the house when she was 15. those friends would give her cash they stole from their parents, she gave me the cash, and i gave it to my uncle to buy vodka that i would give to her to drink with those friends. im three years older than her, and have been spying on her with hand mirrors and smelling her while she slept since she was 9. she started getting wasted at 12, and i would kick all her friends out of the garage whenever she passed out, so that i could lick all over her body and grind on her. i even started using my allowance just to get her her own private bottles. she would get drunk in her room, and i would have the time of my life. penetrated her 2 months before our dad found out that she had been doing this and told her she needed to go live with her bf. she never ratted me out because she thought all that time i was just doing it for her. our parents were super religious and strict. my dad died in 2016 in july, and my sister texted me last week looking for a place to stay and some extra money. i have a well paying job, so i can afford to support her and her habit. i know she's in a tight spot and she's had a few abusive bfs before, so i'm going to take advantage of that. i asked if she wanted to get sexual for the money, since i was single, and she agreed. so now, not only am going to cum in my sister's mouth everytime she wants 50 bucks, but i've started filling my pantry with booze so i can also molest her while she sleeps. i'm just so excited about how good my life is right now that i juust had to share. she's taking a bus down from seattle next weeek. i hope i don't get struck by lightning before then.