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Detention not so boring

I was 13 when I had to serve detention for showing up late in class for a third time in the same semester, a new rule for the 88, 89 school year. When I showed up for detention, there was this pregnant teacher-6 months I think, she was a sexy 20-something babe, it was her turn for detention duty.

There were just 5 of us that day, 2 8th graders, another 7th grader like myself, and a 6th grader she was the only girl on detention that day, the rest of us were guys, I was the only guy in short shorts that day. Because that teacher was pregnant, my dick would not stop staying hard in my short shorts no matter how tightly closed my totally bare legs were even though we all had to stare straight ahead at the bulletin board.

I had this weird feeling, that teacher was staring at my legs then after 15 minutes, she excused everyone. When I got up from my seat, she warned me to sit down.

After the other 4 students went home, and the coast was clear, she smiled at me, and asked me to undressed from the waist up, when I took my jacket off, my whole torso was bare.

Then that teacher rubbed my short shorts bulge, then she pulled off her dress, and what a view! The way her 2 inch swath of bare belly showed off between the very high front of her huge panty style bicycle short shorts and bra, my dick got throbbing hard in my short shorts.

That day detention wasn't so boring after all. When I got home, I was by myself, wanked and shot loads of cums down my short shorts.