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I used to cruise rest areas looking for strange cocks to suck. One night a guy invited me over to his big rig. It was dark out so I went over to his truck. When we hopped in the cab he told me to take my pants off and crawl in the sleeper. I took my pants and shorts off and when I opened the curtain there was a naked man laying there. The trucker, Dave, kind of pushed me into the sleeper and told me that Mike needed his cock sucked. I thought, "Sure, I"ll fucking suck his cock." It was a big sleeper and plenty of room for all of us. I was sucking him when his pre-cum started flowing. Then I felt Dave's tongue on my ass. He started tongue fucking me and my cock started to grow. I'd only been fucked once, and that was by a guy with a small cock but when Dave knelt behind me and put his cock up to my ass I spread my legs a little to give him better access. He slowly pushed his cock into my ass and gently started to fuck me. I took Mike's cock a little deeper into my mouth and got most of his cock in my mouth.

We stayed like this for a little bit and Dave was the first to cum. He filled my ass to overflowing and kept his cock in my ass until Mike filled my mouth with his load. Then Dave said we needed to switch positions. I laid on my back and Dave laid on top of me in a 69 position. He took my cock in his mouth and put his cock back in my mouth. Then Mike knelt between my legs and stroked himself until he was hard. When he we ready Mike shoved his cock in my ass. He was a bit bigger than Dave but it felt great. I was the first to cum this time and Dave kept sucking me until he came also. Then Mike finally emptied his load into me.

After we had all cum until we were spent I put my clothes back on and headed back to my car. That was the first of many trucker encounters. I'ver now been fucked by small cocks and large cocks, and have found that there's no greater feeling than a large cock filling my ass.