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My nephew, Jim, finally got out of the Army and was now at home looking for his next adventure. He's not my nephew by blood but my best friend's son. He became a real man in the Army, tall and handsome with nice muscles. I was over visiting hi mom one night and we were all getting a little drunk. Jim was there with us recapping his adventures. His mom, Tammy got up to use the restroom and Jim turned to me and said, "Do you believe that age differences don't matter?" I said I didn't think age differences should be a barrier. He checked to make sure his mom wasn't in hearing difference. He came over to me on the couch and sat down. His eyes were mesmerizing and he said, "I'm glad you think that. I'd like to tie you up and make you squirm." As he said this he cupped one of my tits. I didn't stop him and he got a little bolder and stuck his hand inside my blouse and under my bra. He ran a finger around my nipple and whispered "There's nothing better than nice hard nips." He pulled his hand out before his mom came back. I was stunned. I was also surprised that my pussy was a little wet.

The night broke up and he agreed to walk me home. I was about a block away and a little wobble from the beer. We got to my house and I expected him to turn around and head home. Instead he gently pushed me through the door. As soon as he closed the door he turned me around and kissed me. My head was reeling. Then he said "I told you what I wanted to do and now I'm gonna do it." He led me to my bedroom. I was like putty in his hands as drunk as I was. We embraced again and as we were kissing he managed to take off my blouse and bra. I reached down and undid his pants. He told me that he would do it. He proceeded to remove my slacks and panties and I was standing there naked. He turned around and used my blouse to tie my hands behind me. Then he took his t-shirt and made a blindfold and put it on me. I had never been blinded before but found it exciting.

He laid me on the bed on my back with my head hanging off the end. He was standing over my head and I could feel his hands on my tits. Then he started working my nipples. It was nice as he circled then rolled them in his fingers. I felt my pussy stirring again. I thought he would stop but he kept working my nipples until I started to squirm a little. He still didn't stop and 10 minutes of this had me cumming. I could feel my juices flowing down my ass crack and I was trying to work my thighs together to make myself cum more. I was concentrating on my pussy when he put his cock up to my lips. I love sucking a nice cock and his was very nice. It was long and thick with a big head. I opened my mouth to take him in and sucked him like a pro. He was still working my nipples as I got him hard.

He then took his cock out of my mouth and spun me around so my ass was at the end of the bed. He bent down and started to tongue fuck me. I was flowing freely now and was actively fucking his tongue. He made me cum again and as soon as he felt me shudder a little he took his tongue out of my pussy and stood up. He lifted my legs up and plunged his cock into me. He hit farther than anyone ever had and I about list it. It wasn't long and I was cumming again. He was still playing with my nipples as he fucked me like I'd never been fucked. Then he gave me the choice, "You want me to cum in your cunt or in your mouth?" "Not my cunt" I said. He pulled out and spun me around again. I was still blinded and let him be in charge. He plunged back into my mouth and I sucked him like it was the last cock on earth. He grabbed my nipples and pulled hard. It sent a shiver down my body and at the same time he started cumming. It must have been a while for him as he gave me the biggest load of cum I'd ever had. He just kept saying "Oh fuck honey that's good." I took all he had to give and kept sucking him until he was hard again.

He finally pulled his cock out of my mouth and undid my blindfold. I was staring at the biggest cock I had ever seen. No wonder it filled both of my holes up. He went into the kitchen and grabbed a couple more beers. He untied my hands and we sat on the bed drinking. We didn't talk but just sat and drank. My pussy was still itching and I absently put a hand on my clit and was masturbating while we sat there. I finished my beer and without saying anything knelt in front of him and took his cock back in my mouth. It was still pretty hard and I sucked him until he was ready to cum again. I quickly had him lay on the bed and hopped on top of him in a 69 position. I was sucking him and he was tongue fucking me. Then I took over a little and started to ass fuck him with one, then two fingers. He was moaning and shoved a finger in my ass too. I was cumming again and moaning. I brushed his prostate with my fingers and he shot into my mouth again. It was still quite a load for a second cum and I took it all again. I sucked him dry and made sure there was no more cum to be had.

We really didn't become an item and his mom never found out, but for the next six months we sucked and fucked as much as I ever had. He finally moved out of state for a job and I was left to masturbate and use my large dildoes on a nightly basis. We still stay in touch now and then but I'll never forget the best fuck I ever had was that first night with this hoe 23 year old.