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I was cruising rest stops on a business trip and ran into a rather fat man who asked if I wanted to suck his husband's cock. He said his husband had a huge cock. I walked into the restroom and the the was standing at the urinal. he had his cock out and it was at least seven inches long and wasn't hard yet. They invited me back to their motel room. I said okay. When we got back to their room they both stripped. The fat fat had a small cock but the other guy had a big cock. I was about half drunk and wanted that big cock in me. I stripped as well and knelt in front of the skinny guy. My own six inch cock was starting to grow a little as I took his cock in my mouth. Shen I got him hard he was at least eight inches long and pretty thick.

They laid me on the bed and the fat guy straddled my chest and put his cock up to my lips. I opened my mouth and took his cock in. Ad the same time I felt fingers playing with my asshole. A slippery finger slipped inside me and started to finger fuck me. The fat guy was fucking my mouth and getting hard. He was about five inches and I could take him down to the pubes. He had large nuts and I reached up and fondled his nuts as I sucked him. The guy between my legs took his finger out and I felt his cock at my asshole. He pushed in and filled me up. It felt like I was his little bitch getting fucked. We went like this for about a half hour and the guy in my mouth started cumming. I took it all. His nuts were full and filled me up. The guy fucking me said he was going to cum and I felt the first hot squirt in my ass. He filled me to overflowing, and I felt it run down my ass crack.

The guy fucking my mouth pulled out and said it was his turn. They switched places and I felt his average sized cock in my ass. The stud as kneeling over my face and I took his cock into my mouth. He fucked my mouth for another half hour and said he was cumming. I managed to swallow his second load. The guy in my ass finally came and I felt him tense up as he deposited the last of his cum in my ass. He was stroking my cock all the time he was fucking me and I had already cum as well.

We all sort of collapsed and spooned for the rest of the night. I woke up to a cock in my ass and another cock in my mouth. Se spent the rest of the day sucking each other off and I got on my way after noon.

That was the first threesome I'd ever had but I'll always remember that big cock in my ass and mouth.