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I was out of town on business and on line one night. His ad said he needed to fuck something. I answered his ad and he showed up at my motel an hour later. He was a big fat guy and when he took his pants off I could see he had a sizable cock. He told me to suck him and I knelt down in front of him. I took his cock in my mouth and got him hard. He asked if I wanted his cum in my mouth or my ass. I told him both. I continued to suck him and he grew bigger than any cock I'd ever sucked. I sucked him for about 20 minutes and he said he was ready to cum. I closed my lips around his cock and he let fly. I swallowed every bit he could give me. I told him I really needed to get fucked so I continued to suck him until he got hard again.

I must have sucked him for the next 30 minutes and finally he started to get hard again. When His cock was hard I told him to fuck me. I got on all fours and waited. I felt his tongue on my asshole making it slick then he knelt behind me and in one motion his cock was inside me. I felt like his bitch as he started to fuck me. I felt his cock hit my prostate with each stroke and was just saying, "Oh, fuck me harder." He did and after fucking me for 20 minutes he said he was gonna cum. I tole him to breed me and felt his warm cum inside me. Then I felt it ooze out of my ass and down onto my nuts. Oh, fuck that was good I thought as he fucked me until he was spent. Then he pulled his cock out of my ass and had me turn over. He bent down and took my cock in his mouth. He sucked me until I was ready to cum. When I said as much he pulled off of my cock and stroked my cock until I blew my load. He wrapped his hand around me and I filled his hand with my cum. When I was done he put his hand up to my mouth and had me lick it clean. I did.

He finally got dressed and told me that the next time I was in town to let him know and he would bring a friend and they would fuck me until I begged them to stop. That experience was so fucking good I can't wait.