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last week my 78 year old mother came to stay with us after an illness. One morning I took her a drink and she asked me to sit with her and then asked me for a cuddle, which I willingly obliged. As we cuddled she pressed her old body against mine inducing a involuntary erection, I went to pull away but she held me tight and whispered for me not to be embarrassed.

As our cuddle continued I couldn't help thinking of her naked under her nighty, my erection ever more prominent, my mother smiling lovingly, kissing my neck. I melted as she took my hand to her small empty breast, my mother happy for me to fondle her, her lower body pushing into mine.

Her next words will stay with me forever, she whispered "I won't stop you if you want to."

In an instant I was ontop of her, my penis entering her, never have I experienced such intense, emotional and fulfilling sexual gratification, my mother holding me tightly, her panting and whining clearly showing her pleasure as much as mine.

She is still with us and now I can't stop thinking about having sex with her again and the restraint of my forbidden and illegal longing is slowly being wilted by my longing to experience the high of sex with my own mother again.