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I remarried after my first wife died in car wreck. It turned out she was drunk and driving home from a girls night out, ran a stop sign and got t-boned. When I got the report on her death it said that she had just had intercourse and her blood had 1.2 % alcohol level at the time of her death. So here I am 25 and a widow.

It was 2 years before I started dating and 2 more before I remarried to a widow with a 3 year old daughter. I loved both of them to death and it turned out that due to problems in delivery my new wife couldn't have anymore children. When our daughter turned 10 I noticed that when my wife and me kissed or hugged she would be watching closely. And yes our daughter was starting to bud into a woman with tiny tits and her hips started to widen not to mention she was getting a great ass on her.

I told my wife that she was going to have boys going nuts just from her looks alone. By the time she turned 13 she had a nice set of tits on her and she had taken to sitting on my lap when ever she could and when I would start to get hard under her sexy butt she would say how she love the feeling of me under her followed with a kiss on the edge of my lips and a hug. I wife told me that our daughter is in love with me and I said that I know she is and that I loved her as well. I didn't know when it was two different types of love we were talking about.

it was our daughters 14th birthday and we took her out to a nice dinner and a movie and the whole time she had her hand in mine or her arms wrapped around my arm. She kept saying to her mom things like tonight is the night mom for sure and its really going to happen tonight. When I asked my wife what was going on she just smiled and said you will see.

When we got home I said to our daughter she should get ready for bed and she jumped up saying oh yes daddy and kissed me on the lips and I thought I felt her tongue. I looked at my wife who only smiled and then said she was going to get ready for bed as well.

I was watching the news when my wife walked in wearing about the sexiest nightgown I had ever seen on her. I got up saying to hell with the news following her sexy ass to the bedroom pulling my clothes off as I went and by the time we got in the bedroom all I had on was my boxers which I was hard as a rock inside. My wife pushed on the bed going between my legs giving me one of her great blow jobs. When I tried to pull her up so I could eat her pussy she wouldn't let me but tied one of my ties cross my eyes saying she has something special for me tonight.

So here I am naked blindfolded on my bed and I feel a warm hand wrap around my cock but it don't feel like my wife's way of doing it, I think its only due to me being blindfolded that it feels so different. I feel legs go on each side of me and a warm wet pussy touch the top on my cock but something just don't feel right. I feel the pussy start to slid down over the head of my cock then stop. I tell my wife to stop teasing me and push up as hard as I can.

I hear a very loud scream of pain and I pull my blindfold off only to see my daughter with half my cock inside her and as I look down blood dripping from her. My wife is holding my cock still and the pain I see on my daughters face brings tears to my eyes as my cock goes soft. I reach for my daughter who is nude by the way to pull her off me and my wife is saying NO SHE WANTS IT.

I look at my daughter and I see the pain leaving her face as she nods her head. I say I'm in shock, well it don't even come close but my daughter says please daddy, I want my first time to be with someone I love. My wife is stroking my now soft cock saying its what she wanted for her birthday honey please show her what making love is all about.

I feel like I'm looking at two strangers but our daughter is so fucking sexy with her hard tits flat yummy and her mouth saying please daddy. My wife wraps her lips around my cock to get me hard again was my daughter pushes one of her nipples in my still open mouth. I never said a word the whole time but when my wife had me hard again she told our daughter to sit back. I felt one of the tightest pussies never I ever felt sliding down over me.

My daughter was moaning into my mouth as she had pull her nipple from my mouth replacing it with her tongue. I thought fuck it if this is what they want its what they will get. I fucked my daughter for a good half hour and when I spun her around placing her on the bed with me between those sexy legs of hers I give her what she wanted. At one point she said mom I'm going to pee myself and her mom said just let it happen. I wish you could know what its like to look at your daughter as she has her first orgasm you are making her have. I felt myself getting ready and my wife is saying do it cum inside her honey she wants it all. I came so fucking hard it almost hurt.

After we were done my wife said I have a morning after pill I will give her tomorrow morning honey. My daughter or should I say step daughter but I don't think of her that way was raining kisses all over my face saying how I made her the happiest her in the whole world.

She is now on birth control and her mother has taught her how to not only give head but she gives me deep throat blow jobs and swallows as well, that's two things her mom don't do. I know its wrong but I sleep with our daughter 2 or 3 times a week now and I am loving it. My daughter just asked if I would give her a baby for her next birthday and so far I'm saying no but I know I would love it if it happened.