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We've been married for 15 years and have had a pretty good sex life. However when I drink my wife has stopped having sex with me because my cock doesn't want to work when I've had a few too many. I call her my horny little bitch as she wants my cock almost every night. When I'm drunk and she's horny and my cock doesn't work she usually acts pissed off and leaves for three or four hours. When she comes back, if I'm not asleep I notice she has calmed down to her normal state. I never asked her where she went and didn't really want to know.

A few months ago on a Friday night I had a few too many and she did her usual and left. I kept drinking and about a half hour later she came home. With her were Denise and her husband Derrick. They were a mixed couple. Denise was a bit overweight but had big tits and Derrick was a large black dude with big muscles and a huge belly. I really didn't see what she saw in him. I was about half passed out when they came in and after they all sat down in the living room Robin (my wife) came over and straddled my lap and started to kiss me. She reached down and started to play with my nipples as she knows I love that.

A few minutes later she got off of me and led me into the bedroom. She told me to strip as she had a special treat for me. I had totally forgotten we had guests. She laid me on the bed and said she had to blindfold me. She put a pair of her panties over my head where I couldn't see anything. She scooted down between my legs and took my tiny cock in her mouth. She turned around and put her cunt on my mouth. Usually she doesn't like me licking her cunt but this felt different. She even licked my asshole and started to finger fuck me gently with one, then two fingers.

She moved her legs so they pinned my arms to my sides and sat up. Her cunt was totally covering my mouth with her asshole on my nose when I felt someone else rubbing my ass cheeks. Then I felt a weight on the bed between my legs and something was being pushed into my ass. She knows I like her to play with my ass and even finger fuck me when she sucks my cock. This was different though. Something huge was pushing its way into my ass. I started to try to wiggle away but with her pinning me down and him holding my legs up I was helpless. I was drunk but not too drunk to know what was happening. I was being fucked by a man. It hurt a bit at first but the more he thrust into me the more I liked it. By the time he was buried to the hilt I was nearly ready to cum and hadn't even been touched. I started to fuck him back and Robin slowly released my arms from my sides and finally got off of me. She took off the panties from my head and I saw Derrick between my legs as the one fucking me. Oh fuck this was feeling good.

I was moaning and telling him to fuck me harder. Hes nuts slapped against my ass cheeks each time he thrust forward. He filled me up more than anything I'd ever put in my ass. What a fucking stud this big fat guy was. Now I saw what she saw in him. He fucked me for over a half hour as Robin started to play with my nipples. She was on all fours next to me with her hands and mouth all over my nips. My cock was as hard as it had ever been and I felt myself start to cum. I finally got an erection while drunk. Then I looked down and Robin was sitting on Denise's face. That was the reason she was on all fours. After I'd cum Robin got off of me and her and Denise moved into a 69 position and I was watching my wife eat another woman's pussy.

Then Derrick grunted and started cumming. He filled my ass to overflowing. I felt his hot jizz running down my ass crack. He finished and pulled out of me. He grabbed my shirt and wiped the shit off of his cock and told me it was my turn. I sat up and he moved me out of the way and laid down on his back. Robin said "Go ahead honey suck it." I looked at her and she went back to Denise's cunt. I leaned down and took Derricks cock into my mouth. I'd never sucked a cock before but was oddly excited to do this. His cock was about eight inches long and thick. I could only get about half of it in my mouth. He kept saying what a good cocksucker I was and how he loved me being his cum bitch. I thought he was just talking but in the end he meant it.

"Robin honey, I'm ready" he said. My wife pulled herself away from Denise's cunt and straddled my back as I knelt over Derrick. She put her hands on the back of my head and pushed. I really couldn't get anymore of his cock in my mouth but couldn't take my mouth off of it either. Her hands were like a vice on the back of my head as he thrust up a little and I felt the first squirt of his cum as it hit the back of my throat. Then a second shot and a third. Robin then let my head to and whispered "That's it bitch take it all." I wanted to please her so I started swallowing. I was drunk enough that the taste didn't bother me in the least and I took every drop he had to give me. Robin urged me to keep sucking and get him hard again.

He really never got soft and I sucked him for about 10 more minutes. When he told Robin he was ready she pushed me off to one side like a sack of garbage and mounted him. She lowered her cunt onto his massive cock and dropped down. He reached up and started playing with her nipples like she has me do but she was loving this more than I could ever please her. Denise got on all fours on the carpet and ordered me to tongue fuck her asshole. I got behind her and started to lick her and was soon tongue fucking her ass for all I was worth. Then Robin started to moan, then get louder and louder until she was yelling "Fuck me. Fuck me."

They finally finished fucking and Denise had her juices running down her leg from my tongue up her asshole. They finally got dressed and left and I passed out. The next morning Robin told me everything that happened as if I couldn't remember. I did remember and now realized how sore my asshole was. Then she informed me that every time I was drinking she was going to have Derrick come over and fuck me. Needless to say I now drink every weekend and occasionally during the week. Derrick fucks me so much and I almost feel like his wife. Robin still sucks my cock now and then but has also informed me that Derrick's cock is the only one that will fill her pussy from now on. That's okay with me as long as he keeps fucking me as well.