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My wife and I were at the bar a few months ago just enjoying the band and drinking a bit. We've been married for 18 years so our sex life has been quite stale for a while now. My wife was quite drunk and I probably had one or two too many. We were enjoying the music when this large man walked over to our table. He pulled out a chair and sat down. He had quite the beer belly and a full beard. My wife said, "Can we help you." He looked straight at me and said, "You sure can. I've been watching you suck on that bottle for an hour and you have the kind of mouth that can suck cock real good." My wife looked at him, then at me and started laughing. I thought she would throw up from laughter after seeing him and looking back at me again.

She got up and went to the bathroom. When she came back he was still sitting at the table. She said she was going to wait in the car and to wake her up when we got home. I was at a loss. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before and I was frozen in my chair. Then I noticed he had his hand on my thigh and I wasn't stopping him. My cock was starting to grow and he was staring at it. "So, you ever suck a cock before?" I stammered a bit and he said, "Come on, I have my truck outside." He took my wrist and stood me up. I was a little too drunk to fight him and he led me to his big rig. He said he was driving long haul and had the night to play.

We crawled up into the cab and he told me to sit in the sleeper and relax. All of a sudden I was nervous. He crawled in and sat next to me. He unzipped his pants and told me to take his cock out. I couldn't believe I was doing it but I reached over and as he unzipped his pants I reached in and put my hand around his cock. It popped out. He wasn't wearing underwear. His cock was very thick. I couldn't really tell how long it was from the way he was sitting. Then he told me to take his pants off. I did and he laid down in the sleeper on his back. I got a good look at his cock and marveled at it. I put my hand back on his cock and as I stroked it it got really big. Much bigger than mine. Then he said gruffly, "That's it. Now be a good little bitch and put it in your mouth." I was rather offended at that comment but for some reason I bent down. I was now curious at how a cock would taste and I wrapped my lips around the head. He moaned and said, "Fuck yeah. Use that mouth cunt for what it was meant. Oh yeah, take it all bitch." The nastier he talked the more I got into it. Before I knew it he had his hand on the back of my head and started cumming. I got a mouthful and spit most of it out. I did manage to swallow some and kind of liked it.

He let my head up and told me to take my pants off. I did and he put me on my stomach. I was naked from the waist down and didn't know why I was on my stomach. Then I found out when he straddled my legs and put his cum soaked cock up to my asshole. "This might hurt a little but you'll get used to it." His cock was slippery from his cum as he slowly pushed it me. It did hurt as he stretched me open a bit but as he started to slowly fuck me I started liking it. I spread my legs a little bit to give him better access and he laid down on me. His big belly was crushing me as he fucked me with that monster cock. He was fat but a real stud. When he felt I wouldn't try to escape him he had me get up on all fours. He continued to fuck me as he reached around and started to play with a nipple. At first his touch was like a feather then he got a bit rougher. By the time he was pinching and pulling my nipple out as far as he could I was ready to cum myself. He must have noticed as he put his free hand on my cock. He stroked me twice and I started to cum. He could feel me pinching his cock with my sphincter as I came and that made him cum too.

I collapsed in my own cum and he collapsed on top of me. I was nearly out but knew I had to get my wife home. I finally got dressed and drove home. When we pulled into the driveway I shook her awake. It had been nearly two hours since I stepped into the cab of the truck. As I walked my sobering wife to the house she slurred, "So, did you and the fat guy suck each other's cock?" She was rather flippant so I tried to be sarcastic. "Nope. But I sucked his cock and he fucked me to boot." I don't think she remembered anything in the morning as she was acting normal. I tried to act normal as well but my asshole was really sore. As much as I hated having a sore ass I was determined to do it again. And I have, many times.