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I met Artat a church function and we hit it off right away. We became close and dated for a year. He was a perfect gentleman. The only thing we did was some light petting. He played with my tits and I rubbed him through his jeans. Then he asked me to marry him. I really loved him so I said yes. He knew I was saving my self for marriage.

On our wedding night we drove about a hundred miles up the coast to a little bed and breakfast for the night. We ate and showered, then it was time for me to get fucked for the first time. We got undressed and laid on the bed under the covers. We kissed for a while and he said he was glad he married me. I said I was glad too. Then he said before we fucked I had to get him hard. I put my hand on his cock and he said he needed my mouth on him. I was hesitant but wanted to please him so I pulled the covers back and put my mouth on his cock. This was actually the first time I saw his cock. It looked pretty big and as I put my mouth on it he said, "Fuck honey, that's good. I think you're gonna make a good cocksucker." I didn't like that too much and took my mouth off of him. "I'm not your whore" I told him. He laughed and said, "Wrong bitch. That's exactly what you are. And you'll suck my cock any time I say." Then he slapped my face hard. "Now suck me." I couldn't believe it. He had been so kind over the months and now he ordered me to suck his cock. He pushed my head down to his cock and put his cock up to my lips. "You're gonna suck it and take it all or you'll regret it." I did and he came in my mouth. It was nasty but i Still loved him so I said nothing.

That started my life in servitude to him. He made me suck his cock nearly every night for the first year of marriage. He would occasionally fuck me but mostly I masturbated without his cock to satisfy him. On occasion he even masturbated into his hand and made me lick it off. After a couple of months I got used to his proclivities and we settled into a routine. I would suck his cock every night and on Saturday nights he would fuck me. I kept telling him I needed more and one Saturday he announced he was going to give me more.

He invited his neighbor, Terry over for a couple of beers that day to watch a ball game. At the end of the ball game he called me into the living room. He said, "You've been whining like a little bitch that you wanted more so here's your chance. Suck Terry's cock." I was appalled. I told him I wouldn't. He took me into the kitchen. He grabbed my arm and said "you either suck his cock willingly or I'll smack the shit out of you and make you. suck him." I was scared to death. I walked back into the living room and he said to Terry "Take your pants off. Deb wants to suck your cock, isn't that right honey?" I nodded yes because I was scared to death. Terry took his pants and undies off and sat back on the couch. "Go ahead" he said as I knelt in front of our guest.

Terry's cock was pretty big and when I started sucking him I realized he was much bigger than Art. I pretended I liked it and when he started cumming I managed to spit most of it out but what I swallowed I liked. I looked up at him as I was cleaning him off and he winked at me. Art made me suck his cock that night and as he fucked me he kept asking if I liked sucking Terry's cock I finally told him I thought he was making me his whore. He got pissed and pushed onto my back. He plunged his cock into my ass hole and started to fuck me. I hated it. I was crying by the end of it and he cuddled with me and said that a marriage is a partnership of give and take and I should please him with whatever he wanted.

The next Friday night he said he was going out. I invited Marcia over to keep me company.. When Art got home he was pissed and said, "So, when I'm gone you need another woman to keep you company, huh?" He was a bit drunk. I told him he was blowing it out of proportion but he was having nothing of it. "So, let me see you eat her pussy." She got up to leave and he pushed her back down onto the kitchen chair. Then he said, "She either eats your pussy or I'll kill both of you." I knew he was pissed so I told her we better to it. We were both scared to death. I knelt in front of her and said it was okay. I pulled her pants off and buried my face in her pussy. "That's it cunt" he said, "Be the fucking whore I married." We were both humiliated but I ate her pussy until she orgasmed. He said it was the best show he'd ever seen.

Then I got an idea. I she liked it when she was forced, she might like it when it's not forced. He made me suck his cock that night, but the next day when he was at work I spoke to Marcie and we talked about what had happened. I confessed that I liked it and she said she did too. We decided to become lesbian lovers and I finally kicked that fucking prick out of the house. I invited Marcia to stay with me. She left her husband and we now live together. She divorced her husband and I kicked Art out. With our alimony payments we live pretty comfortably and suck each other's pussies nearly every night.

Art has announced he was gay and has found another man and her husband is living on his own in Phoenix. But thanks to my husband pushing me I have found the true love of my live and get my pussy eaten nearly every night . Thank God for our cuntrry.