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My husband is a little fucking fruit. I love him and he provides well. He came into a shitload of money so he only works to keep busy. It's not the money though. He's kind, compassionate and forgiving. Good fucking thing too.

I knew when we got married that he liked men as well as women. Once every couple of months I sensed he needed something extra so I would give him a hall pass but told him not to bring home any bugs or he wouldn't get to fuck me anymore. He got tested regularly so I was satisfied. I had this brilliant idea that I would secretly video him. I bought a Go-Pro and hid it in the closet. I told him I would be gone for the night and if he was going to hook up he could use our bedroom. He was thrilled that I let him do that. I spent the night at a local motel watching gay porn thinking about him and whoever he was with. I couldn't wait to get home the next day to watch the video.

This happened two more times until I got a little jealous so I did something about it. Then one night I said he was in for something special. He was excited when he got home. I had him shower and strip and wait for me in the bedroom. I walked in with a pair of handcuffs and asked if he was up to it. He just said "Fuck yeah." I had him sit in a chair I had brought in and cuffed his hands behind the chair. I even tied his ankles to the legs of the chair. I said he had to do exactly as I say and he agreed. I plugged my Go-Pro into the TV and said he had to watch the whole thing.

The first guy was a big fat guy and Terry (my husband) sucked him like he was the only man in the world. He seemed to enjoy it but I was surprised how much he liked it and how verbal he was when the guy pushed him onto his stomach and shoved his cock into Terry's ass. I could tell he filled Terry's ass with his whole load. Then Terry turned around and sucked him until he came a second time. I looked down and his cock was already hard as we watched the video.

The second guy was about Terry's size. They sucked each other in a 69 for a good 20 minutes until the guy blew into Terry's mouth. The guy had three fingers in Terry's asshole as he sucked him to orgasm as well. They both kept sucking until they were perfectly clean. Then the guy asked about the wife and does she know he does this. Surprisingly he was perfectly honest and said that I knew and even approved under certain conditions. The guy seemed cool with that. Terry's cock was still at full erection as the third guy came into the bedroom with him.

I knew this man the first time I watched it. He was a big black guy I worked with. His name was Sam. He was about as macho as they came. Big muscles, tall and talked tough most of the time. But when I saw his cock my jaw dropped. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen. I didn't think I could take it in my pussy let alone shoving that thing in Terry's asshole. He seemed to be a total top. He pushed Terry down to suck his cock. Terry was eager to take as much of it as he could and when he put Terry on his back and pulled him to the edge of the bed my eyes were glued to that cock as he shoved it in Terry's ass. Terry let out a loud "Oh fuck" as Sam started to gently fuck him and then turned it into a real power fuck. Apparently Terry can take quite the large cock and I nearly came just watching it. As he was being plowed by Sam's monster cock I reached over his shoulders and started to play with his nipples. He nearly came when Sam pulled his cock out and shot his load all over Terry's chest and belly.

The final video was of Sam again. But this time it was with me. I did pretty much what Terry did but when Sam fucked me he fucked my cunt, not my ass. It was the most fulfilling fuck I ever had. I continued to play with Terry's nipples as Sam was plowing me on the video. When Sam said he was gonna cum I yelled "Give it to me. Give me all of it." Sam grunted a couple of times and filled my cunt with more cum than I could ever imagine. I nearly passed out from the pleasure. Five minutes later he was fucking me again. Sam was a huge fucking stud. This time I made him pull out of me and I sucked him until he came in my mouth. Terry was shocked but his cock stayed hard the whole time. About the time Sam was cumming in my mouth I reached down a little farther and put my hand around Terry's cock. He instantly came. I didn't know that watching me turned him on so much. I finally let him out of his cuffs and untied his ankles. He fucked me like never before, even though he already came once.

We stayed up most of the night talking about it and agreed to try a threesome and maybe even a foursome. The next two years were full of sex. I even started licking and fucking other women as we were now swingers. We are still together and still suck and fuck as many people as we can get. I guess I'm kind of glad that he's a cocksucking sissy boy and I love him more than ever.