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My husband and I were having problems so I decided to go to my favorite bar that night. I met a guy named Jimmy. He invited me back to his apartment. After a few drinks I accepted. We got to his apartment. It was a mess. He said it was a bachelor's apartment and if I was here to judge his apartment I was in the wrong place. It told him it was okay. He led me to the bedroom and immediately started to kiss me. I felt a little guilty but was horny. I responded to his kiss and he unbuttoned my blouse and started to play with my tits. Then he forced me to my knees and told me to unzip his pants. I did. His cock, when it popped out of the top of his undies was massive. It was much bigger than Terry's (my husband). I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth. He started to mouth fuck me until he came in my mouth. There was no warning. I managed to swallow most of it.

Then he stripped me naked, telling me how much he was gonna love fucking me. He laid me on his bed and started to lick my cunt. I came almost right away.. Then he said he was going to fuck me and had me turn over on my belly. He lifted me up on all fours and shoved his cock into my cum t. It was so much bigger than Terry's cock. He fucked me like I'd never had before. He made me cum twice while his cock was inside me. When he was starting to cum the second time he pulled out and told me to suck him. I quickly spun around and he shoved his still cumming cock in my mouth. I took every bit of his cum and kept sucking until he had no more.

When I got home that night Terry apologized about being an asshole and wanted to fuck me. I took a quick shower to wash the cum out of me and I proceeded to suck his cock to completion. He mentioned that I had never swallowed his cum before. When I said I had been practicing he laughed and thought I was joking.

Terry doesn't have the biggest cock but is a good provider and I love him so from that night on I loved sucking his cock and taking his cum any time he needed it. We have had 15 years of great sex and I'm looking for the next 15 years.