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Last Friday night my wife was in a bitchy mood. We'd been married over 30 years and I can tell when there's no chance for sex. I hinted to her that i was horny but she that was too bad. I was a little drunk and got pissed so I said maybe I'd must go out and fuck someone else. She said sarcastically "Give it your best shot stud." She knew I wouldn't but I took it as almost a dare. I just said "Fuck off" as I left. I went to the library and got on a computer. I found a guy on-line who said he needed his cock sucked. I responded that I wanted to get fucked and we made arrangements.

I got to his house about 9:00. He answered the door naked. He just walked back into his bedroom and when I walked in he told me to strip. He was a lot bigger than me and stood in front of me. He pushed my shoulders down and told me to suck his cock. I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth. It was the perfect size for sucking. Then he told me to sit against the bed. I did and he put his cock back in my mouth. I got it hard and figured it to be about six inches long and medium girth. He said "Don't worry, I don't cum that much." Then he pushed my head against the bed and held it there as he started cumming. He came a lot more than I would. He didn't pull his cock out of my mouth but I couldn't do anything in the position I was in. He said to get him hard again because he was gonna fuck me like I'd never been fucked before.

We stayed like this until he was hard. It seemed to take forever but I finally got him hard. Then he told me to turn around and kneel on the bed. He pulled me back so my ass was out in the open and squirted some lube on my asshole. He worked a finger in asking if I liked it. I told him I did. After stretching my asshole out a bit he scooted up to me and shoved his cock in. It was still hard and he had no trouble pushing it in. Then he started to slowly fuck me and after a minute he got a little rougher. He asked if my cock was hard as he reached around and grabbed my cock. It was hard and he laughed and called me a little sissy cunt boy. This got me even more excited. He said to let him know if I was going to cum. He must have fucked me for 20 minutes and I said I was ready to cum. He grabbed the head of my cock and said to fill his hand up. I started cumming and he cupped his hand and caught it all. He pulled out and said to turn over. I did and he held his hand over my mouth and told me to open up. I did and he poured my own cum into my mouth. Then he had me lick it clean. He scooted between my legs and pushed my legs up. He put his cock back into my ass and started to fuck me again.

We stayed like this for another 10 minutes and pulled his cock out. He stroked himself a half dozen times and came all over my belly and cock. He moved up and put his cock back in my mouth and said to clean him up. When I was done sucking him he was clean as a newborn. He crawled off of me and scooped up all the cum off of my body and fed it to me. He said to get dressed and get out, that he was done with my sorry little man cunt. I said I needed my cock sucked as well but he said he didn't suck cock and I knew the score when I came over. I got dressed and left. It seemed like a long drive home and as I walked in at 10:30 my wife was still pissed and gave me that "Fuck you" look. I just said "Don't worry, I didn't fuck anybody" and went to bed. I guess technically I didn't lie. Maybe I'll get two next time.