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I've been married to Jim for 11 years. My best friend Doris and I often speak of our sex lives. I know that her husband likes to have his asshole licked and can cum two or three times a night. Jim won't let me touch his asshole and doesn't even like his balls played with, but my big thing is that I can cum by just having my nipples played with. Jim doesn't even do that anymore. He's more interested in drinking and watching football. He's a good provider and I do love him, he's just lacking a little in the bedroom.

Doris and I go out drinking occasionally at the local bar. One night at the bar we were about the only people there. We were in a booth in the corner sitting across from each other. I had a few too many and was pretty drunk when she came over to my side of the booth. She had mentioned that she had been horny for the past three days and was gonna fuck her husband when she got home. Then she said I looked a little stressed and offered to rub my shoulders. I told her I'd like that and turned my back to her. She was rubbing my shoulders and I was enjoying it when one of her hands slipped down my back and I felt her unclip my bra. She reached around and pulled my bra over my tits and grabbed a nipple. I was a bit horny myself so I let her play. Then her other hand reached around and grabbed my other nipple. She rolled them in her fingers and they got harder and harder. She leaned in and kissed my neck and nibbled on my ear. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. As she played with my nipples I felt it. The stirring in my pussy was getting e close. I told her to keep going, that she was making me cum. I shuddered as my orgasm hit. As my juices started to flow I absently said "Oh fuck. I think I need something in my cunt."

Doris took her hands off of my tits and said "Let's go to my truck." She drove that night and had a club cab. I let her lead me by the hand and she opened the back door and pushed me. Then she said to take my pants off. I did and she laid me down on the back seat. She knelt on the floor and draped one of my legs over her shoulder. At first she started to play with my clit with her fingers and within a couple of minutes her face was buried in my pussy. Her tongue snaked its way int me then out and she sucked on my clit. She kept this up for at least 10 minutes. I came two more times until it was unbearable. Then she said it was her turn. We traded places with her stripping off her pants and panties. I'd never had any sexual contact with another woman but I was still horny enough to try. I did as she did and draped a leg over my shoulder and started to lick her pussy. I tongue fucked her and sucked on her clit until she said she was cumming. I got my first taste of female cum and loved it. We finally got dressed and headed home. She dropped me off and leaned in to kiss me. I responded and our tongues ended up exploring each others' mouth. That was my first lesbian experience but whenever one of our hubbies are out of town camping or hunting or fishing we make it a point to get together. I don't even need to be drunk anymore. I'll lick, suck and eat Doris' cunt anytime I get the chance.