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My wife and I haven't had sex in over a year and I was getting kind of fed up with it so a few weeks ago I got pissed and said I was going out. A few times I've been for a couple of days and she's okay with me getting away now and then. I was about half lit when a slim black woman at least 15 years my younger sat next to me at the bar. She bought me a drink. I thought that was a little strange but after she bought me a couple more and I was reeling the conversation turned to sexual things. She put her hand on my thigh and asked what part of my body was most sensitive to a nice pair of lips. I laughed and said, "You gotta be kidding. Of course I like lips on my cock but I also like my nipples played with." She said "Oooh I like that. Wanna go back to my place and play? I'm sure your wife won't do what I will." She looked at my wedding ring as she said this.

I was horny and drunk, a dangerous combination so I followed her to her house. My cock was already getting hard when we walked in. There was another woman sitting on the couch when the door closed and I looked around. My host said her name was Nikki and her friend was Darla. Now I was really intrigued. Nikki said "I'm all woman but Darla there has both parts." Darla had her hand on her crotch and waved me over. When I walked over Darla told me to strip. I did and stood in front of her and she took my cock into her mouth. She was sucking me when Nikki came up behind me and wrapped her hands around me and started playing with my tits. Then she put a suction cup on each nipple and vacuumed the air out pulling me into the cups.

Then Nikki pulled my hands behind me and put handcuffs on me. "What the fuck?" I said. Then Nikki told me that I was in for the night of my life if I went with it, otherwise they would let me go and kick me out right now. I said "Fuck then, let's do this." My cock was hard and my nipples were turning red. I was loving it. Then Nikki pushed me to my knees pulling my cock out of Darla's mouth. Darla stood up and pulled her pants and panties down. She had both tits and a cock. She sat back down and told me to suck. I had never sucked a cock before but this was intriguing. I leaned in and took her/his cock into my mouth. It was great. Her cock was a bit bigger than my six inches and I imagined that was me and I was my wife sucking a nice cock. After a couple of minutes I had a hard, large cock in my mouth. Then I felt Nikki starting to play with my ass. She ran her hand up and down my ass crack and began to play with my hole. She inserted a wet finger in me and started to slowly finger fuck me.

A couple minutes later she told me to lay down on my back. I did and Nikki straddled my face putting her cunt on my mouth and told me to make her cum. I started to tongue her when Darla lifted my legs up and put her cock up to my asshole. She slowly pushed in. Not to punish me but to make me feel good. And it did. She started to slowly fuck me and after a minute or so the pain went away and the pleasure was starting. Then Nikki unplugged the cups on my nipples and Darla leaned over and started to suck on one of them. They were red, swollen and ready for play.. "Oh fuck" I kept saying as I was tongue fucking Nikki and Darla was fucking me. When she said she was cumming I told her to give me all that she had. She emptied her nuts into my ass and I felt every warm spurt of her jizz.

When she finally pulled out Nikki uncuffed me and said it was up to me. I decided that I could stay for a day or two. We spent the next 48 hours sucking and fucking. I've never had an experience like that before and can't wait until I can get pissed at my wife again and go find anither cock to take care of my needs. Fuck this is great.