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A few years ago, I was staying at a relative's house and there was this friend of the family who came over and spent the night often with a small gray and white dog, not sure of the breed. The dog was very friendly and loved sitting in my lap.

One night, I was sleeping without a blanket and her dog jumped in my bed and started nuzzling around my crotch. I kinda pushed the dog away and tried going back to sleep, but the dog kept at it until she finally found the front hole in my boxers and started licking my cock like crazy.

It felt so good and I was instantly hard. I took off my boxers and the dog licked my cock all the way down my balls and across my asshole. I spread my cheeks and let the dog eat my ass. I started jerking my cock as the dog was eating my ass. Right before I came, the dog started licking the gushing precum and I shot load after load right in this dogs face. She licked up everything and cleaned me off completely.

I never told anyone about it and it never happened again.