I've been living in a trailer home with my older sister and brother-in law for 10 months. The bathroom is a decent size but the door is a sliding door that is not level with the floor. I shut and lock it but can't close the upper half all the way. My sister works 3 nights a week and that is when my brother-in-law is watching me. I never noticed it the first couple weeks I was here but know he is doing it because I can see him moving outside the door and the lights go out. The shower is in a stall with a glass door and a direct view from the doorway. I knew then he was watching me when my sister worked nights and still have never done anything to stop him. I could cover the opening with a towel but shamefully like him seeing me nude. I'm not embarrassed by it and intentionally masturbate when I'm sure he is there. My sister would kill him if she knew he was doing this so I never say anything to her and let him think I don't know about it. He is sneaky about it and never comes over to the door until he hears the shower go on. The feeling I get knowing he is watching me just seems to arouse me. He is nice to me and we talk all the time but I just pretend I don't know what he is doing. When I masturbate in the shower I often have several orgasms and think by him watching me causes me to be stimulated more than usual. As devious as he thinks he is its a dead give away that he is looking in. When I get into the shower I can see the lights go out outside the door. When I get out of the shower the lights are back on again every time. Before I never had a set time to get a shower but now I always shower about an hour after my sister goes to work those 3 nights.