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I wanted a blowjob and my wife just said "Fuck You." I was pissed and stormed out of the house. I went to the local bar for a drink. I met an older woman who kept looking at me. After I was a little drunk I walked up to her and asked why she kept looking at me and she said, "I thought you were cute and wondered if you were married." I told her i was married but my wife wont suck me anymore. She said that it was my lucky night. She said she would suck my cock if I wanted. I told her I didn't pay for sex and she laughed. "Honey" she said, I'm not a hooker. I just need a cock tonight." Then she said there was a place outside she knew we could go to. She took my hand and led me outside. She pulled me over to her pickup and told me to lay down in the back. She had a mattress in the bed so I laid down.

She unzipped my pants and took my cock out. She immediately put her lips over the head of my cock and I moaned. She sucked me until I was hard, then asked if I wanted it in her mouth or her cunt. I said I wanted to cum in her mouth and she put her mouth back on my cock until I was ready to cum. I came buckets in her \mouth and she took it all, even complimenting me on the taste. I was pretty drunk and when she said it was my turn I thought she had a cunt for me to suck on. Instead, when she straddled my chest she produced a cock from beneath her skirt and put it up to my mouth. "Oh, fuck," I thought, this is a man. But I was drunk enough to not give a fuck and took his cock in my mouth and sucked until he was ready to cum.

I really didn't care at that point and pulled him as close as I could. He filled my mouth with his seed and I took it all. I'd never sucked a cock before but this was exquisite. I sucked him dry and wanted more. But he said he had other plans. He got up and dressed. He hopped out of the pickup and he was gone.

I never saw him again, but whenever my wife doesn't want to suck my cock I know there's always someone willing at the local gay bar and I've now sucked about 20 cocks and have been fucked a number of times. What a fucking life...